TONY LEROY: Embracing the Future You

TONY LEROY: Embracing the Future You

TONY LEROY: Embracing the Future You 1920 1080 Kanika

In just the past few years, our world has been turned upside down and we, as human beings, have relied on our inner strength, resilience, and faith to face an ongoing global health, economic, political and social crisis with no end in sight. There have been over 266 million coronavirus cases worldwide and 5.26 million deaths to date.

Sometimes I feel like all this is a bad dream. Other times, I’m existentialist questioning what even matters anymore, and others, I find a spark to keep going and creating a better life for our future children.

I was lucky enough to be connected to my very own soothsayer through dear family members who has helped me tremendously in discovering my true self and calling. His name is Tony LeRoy.

Today we’re going to talk about our world, the fate that lies ahead in this new year, and how we can tap into our soul to guide us through life.

Tony LeRoy has been giving intuitive/psychic counseling sessions for over seventeen years. He was drawn at an early age to the life and legacy of Edgar Cayce and first became aware of his own psychic abilities in adolescence.

Tony is a psychic whose gifts have found their most resonant expression in what he calls “intuitive counseling,” meaning: Tony is a healer and a guide, and the “miracles” he works are all about helping you discover your own power to create your own life. Tony understands there are many answers to the many questions of this life. Always seeking new paths, he is a certified Life Coach who has created the Life Manifestation sessions. He is also trained in Reiki and Hypnotherapy. He recently became certified in BWRT, Brain Working Recursive Therapy which was created in 2011 by therapist and author Terrence Watts, and it can create permanent change in a very short period of time. Simply put, it helps the client find personal freedom and profound change.

Tony tunes into you – yesterday, today and tomorrow. He’s also probably the most amusing man you’ll ever meet behind a deck of Tarot cards. He deals them up with a bit of sass and a dash of tough love. He doesn’t give you easy answers. He gives you clarity. You’ll have a stronger sense of who you are and where you’re going. Because the question is not, “Who is Tony LeRoy?” but “Who are you?”

He continues to add workshops in team building, for business (workplace) motivational coaching, group circles, monthly groups, meditations, and more.

Tony has been prominently featured by Marie Claire, Elle Magazine, The New York Times, WABC Radio, The Dr. Oz Show, and by a variety of other radio, web, and television shows.

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