A Dad’s Take on Infertility

with Michael Perry

A Dad’s Take on Infertility

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Episode 1: Unpacking Infertility

Many people still feel the stigma around having babies the unconventional way be it IVF, surrogacy, or adoption. Today, my co-host Michael Perry and I are going to create a safe space to discuss how couples who are family planning have many options. Michael also shares his own personal story of how he and his wife navigated IVF and are now cherishing their two beautiful sons.

Michael Perry is the Founder and CEO of Maple, a company focused on building a better world for all parents. Prior to founding Maple, Michael founded Kit, which he sold to Shopify in 2016 and where worked for over four years as an executive overseeing Marketing Technology. He has been included on Forbes’ 30 under 30 list, recognized by Inc. Magazine for his contributions in the messaging space, and named one of the top marketing executives in the world by Business Insider. Michael Currently lives in California with his wife, son, and two bulldogs.

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