RUPA MEHTA: Embracing Generational Bonds

RUPA MEHTA: Embracing Generational Bonds

RUPA MEHTA: Embracing Generational Bonds 1920 1080 Kanika

Creator of the renowned fitness class Nalini Method and the national education nonprofit NaliniKIDS, Rupa Mehta has been featured on the Kelly and Michael Show, NBC, Fox 5 Morning News, and in Vogue Magazine, the New York Times, Forbes Magazine, and countless others. Her signature approach to wellness is exemplified by a focus on both physical and emotional health. Coined the “mommy transformer” by Urban Baby when she helped shape up new moms in no time, Rupa is now teaching us how to transform our perspective on the parent-child relationship with her fresh take on modern motherhood with her new book: someone calls me mommy.

“I don’t want to take a nappie, my rain boots are happy.”

Celebrated educator and author, Rupa Mehta, heard those gleeful words from her toddler last year after a long morning of puddle-jumping. That innocent, simple and poetic sentence reminded Rupa of her late mother, Nalini, who sadly passed away a year prior. Inspired by her mom and daughter’s uncanny similarities, Rupa tapped into her child’s emerging voice and began profusely writing poetry from her and her daughter’s perspective.

What started out as a cathartic, artistic journey evolved into a book of 100 poems and illustrations with a fresh new take on modern motherhood: someone calls me mommy. Covering subjects that range from breast feeding and swaddling to first words and birthdays, Rupa’s unforgettable cadence and candor capture the precious, ironic, comical and fleeting moments of motherhood.

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