Getting Unstuck and Overcoming Burnout

with Michael Perry & Abbie Schiller

Getting Unstuck and Overcoming Burnout

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Episode 3: Getting Unstuck and Overcoming Burnout

Parents are feeling stuck. From the monotony of the pandemic which has been dragging on for more than 2 years to being burnt out. We are child-rearers, caregivers, career professionals, home chefs, cleaners, chauffeurs, and more. At times, it feels like we are just spinning our wheels. Today we’re going to be speaking with Abbie Schiller who has a roadmap and strategy for getting unstuck and manifesting a life you love.

Abbie Schiller

Abbie Schiller is a professional goal coach helping women and men level up their lives to live with more intention, self-awareness, and joy. She is the creator of The Visioning Course, a revolutionary goal setting workshop that helps people take an honest look at the results in their lives and decide what (and how) they want to change. It is the only course that then provides the on-going live coaching support and accountability to help people make those changes. For the past eight years, through this course, she has taught hundreds of people the science-backed skillset to shift mindset, achieve differently, change self-sabotaging habits and behaviors, overcome fears and obstacles, and shed limiting beliefs. She brings her own 12-year experience as the CEO and Founder of The Mother Company, an Emmy-winning family media company (which she still oversees), and previously as a VP-level executive in public relations and brand strategy to her clients which she coaches one-on-one and in group settings.

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