Talk With Her: Helping Dads Relate to Their Daughters

with Kimberly Wolf & Michael Perry

Talk With Her: Helping Dads Relate to Their Daughters

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Episode 6: Talk With Her: Helping Dads Relate to Their Daughters

Are you a daddy’s little girl or have you been deemed as someone who has “daddy issues”? Today, we’re talking about how fathers can relate to their daughters which as psychology has shown is integral in a woman’s sense of self worth and confidence.

Kimberly Wolf has been championing the health and wellbeing of teenagers since she was 18, sitting on the quad at my Los Angeles high school, talking with her friends through broken hearts, crises in body confidence, fights with friends, and battles with perfectionism.

She has an undergraduate degree from Brown University, where her thesis on the history and evolution of sexual health content in SEVENTEEN earned honors in gender studies, and she has a master’s in human development and psychology from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her approach blends integrative wellness with positive psychology and entrepreneurial leadership frameworks to equip today’s young people with the wisdom and skills they’ll need to succeed in their personal, academic, and professional lives after high school.

Her work has been featured and promoted by platforms including Huffington Post, Forbes, NPR, The Representation Project, and Lately, she has been focused on closing the gender gap: teaching Kimberly Wolf’s Love Class (TM), an exploration in self-love, relational communication, and sexual health for high schoolers; helping fathers communicate more effectively with their teenage daughters, so young women are more prepared to succeed in their personal and professional lives; and collaborating with other media producers and entrepreneurs promoting gender equality around the globe.

Talk with Her: A Dad’s Essential Guide to Raising Healthy, Confident, and Capable Daughters (Penguin Life) is Kimberly’s first book.

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