KANIKA CHADDA GUPTA: 40 Lessons at 40

KANIKA CHADDA GUPTA: 40 Lessons at 40

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Who says 40 is over the hill. And if it is, isn’t the best vantage point to have in life? Our host Kanika Chadda Gupta recently celebrated her 40th birthday and brought in her birthday in Bollywood style with her best friends and sisters in Miami. The theme? For you, for me, forty! On this episode she shares 40 lessons at 40 with her audience.

Here are some lessons that I’ve learned at 40 that I’d love to share with you:

1. Be flexible. Change is constant – life is a journey of rise and fall.
2. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
3. Slow Down.
4. Be in the moment.
5. Look in your partner’s eyes daily.
6. Daily hugs are required.
7. Learn from your kids; they are your greatest teachers.
8. Support your kids in their dreams.
9. Don’t be afraid to admit it when you are wrong (especially to your kids).
10. Learn to say NO.
11. Learn to say YES to things that challenge you.
12. Hold space for yourself and family.
13. Be active. You still have many decades to go.
14. Unplug as often as you can.
15. Be in nature as often as you can.
16. Be patient.
17. Parent your kids with grace – try not to yell and catch yourself when you do.
18. Let go of perfection.
19. Spend time with your grandparents and parents.
20. Smile often.

21. Laugh even more.
22. Save money.
23. Don’t ever give up your dreams. Find new ways to get to where you want to be!
24. Know your worth.
25. Don’t compare yourself to others.
26. Keep learning.
27. Do things that scare you.
28. Be a great listener.
29. Journal – you will not remember it all.
30. Think of the song – I’m still standing.
31. Save the environment in small and big ways.
32. Time is our most valuable commodity.
33. Travel.
34. Don’t fix all your kids’ problems. Let them figure it out -it’s the best gift you can give them.
35. Find ways to exercise your creativity.
36. Declutter and create space for life to happen.
37. Meditate.
38. Take care of your health.
39. Be kind.
40. Always trust your gut, your  intuition, and as you know I call it – your mom sense and dad sense!

Thank you for the birthday love,
Kanika xoxo

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