DANIELLA MONET: Are You Ready to Go Plant-Based?

DANIELLA MONET: Are You Ready to Go Plant-Based?

DANIELLA MONET: Are You Ready to Go Plant-Based? 1920 1080 Kanika Chadda-Gupta

Have you ever thought about going plant based? Could you do it? Do you have the interest and willpower to revamp your refrigerator, your skincare essentials, your clothing, and essentially your philosophy in life.

Today, I’m joined by a celebrity who has made this choice as a serial entrepreneur, and is also famous as an actress, influencer, and mom – Daniella Monet.

LA native, sitcom actress Daniella Monet, has appeared on numerous television series from CBS’ Listen Up alongside Jason Alexander to Nickelodeon’s comedy hit Victorious, and she went on to host 3 seasons of Paradise Run which was filmed in Hawaii. Daniella is a full time ethical entrepreneur having invested in several conscious companies that help make living a plant-based lifestyle more accessible.

With millions of engaged followers on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, Daniella organically curates content that is fun & relatable. She shared her pregnancy journey on Youtube and is loving being a mom to her babies Gio + Ivry.

The actress is vegan and has been plantbased for over 20 years, is an animal advocate
from day one and fur-mom to rescued pitbull Jake. Along with her longtime love Andrew, she enjoys quality time at home with their family, often times with a cup of Drew coffee in hand.

This ethical entrepreneur has navigated through multiple successful endeavors, which she co-founded herself @Kinderbeautybox. And she’s a fellow podcaster. She and her friend Evanna Lynch, best known for her role as Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter franchise, have launched their very own podcast called A Little Kinder.

Let’s dive in to it all now!

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