059: Jill & Mark Willard — Owning Your Power of Intuition

059: Jill & Mark Willard — Owning Your Power of Intuition

059: Jill & Mark Willard — Owning Your Power of Intuition 1024 512 Kanika

I want to begin this episode with my story. Storytelling is my passion because I love that stories have the power to bond generations and humanity. I fondly remember listening to the stories of my grandmother, from the life lessons in the epic Ramayana to her family’s struggle as refugees during India’s partition in 1947. Storytelling has been the common denominator in my career. I worked as a television anchor and producer for CNN International where I had the opportunity to share the shocking stories of survivors of the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks to the back stories of some of the biggest Bollywood blockbusters to a viewership of over 100 million people. Now, as an entrepreneur, I help my digital marketing clients tell their brand story, and as a mom of 3 with this podcast as my vehicle, I have the privilege of sharing the personal stories of thought leaders and experts who are mothers and fathers to converse with me about their experiences of how to problem solve as parents, lead a purposeful life, and a legacy they can be proud of for our children.

I have always been a fervent believer of intuition. Hence the name of my show, “That’s Total Mom Sense.” I want to encourage all of you listening, especially first time parents who are nervous and weary, to trust your innate superpower, your mom sense or dad sense, when it comes to your kids – it will always set you on the right path.

I am prefacing with this because I am SO honored to interview my two guests today who as husband and wife are born storytellers and are pioneers in helping others tap into intuition. Mark Willard is a beloved television and radio personality and understands what it means to connect with an audience and tell a story. His wife Jill Willard is a gifted intuitive and has a keen sense of what’s going on with her family, people, and the world.

Mark Willard has been on the radio and television airwaves throughout California and nationally since 2001. As of early 2019 he returned to his home market of San Francisco to host the “Mark Willard Show” weekdays 6-10pm, on the legendary KNBR 104.5 FM & 680 AM. Willard’s move to SF came after a 2 1/2 year run hosting middays Noon-3 on the Mark & Rich Show on XTRA 1360 Fox Sports San Diego. He had also anchored the weekend lineup nationally on Fox Sports Radio since 2015. Prior to that, he had a 6 year run with ESPN LA, hosting his own weekday slot along with former Laker Mychal Thompson. Willard was also the host of the weekly show on ESPNLA.com, “The Forum.”

Jill Willard is the author of Intuitive Being, and has been featured on GOOP, Women’s Health Online, Mindbodygreen, and TedX. Her newest venture, IM, offers tools and tips on meditation and being here in presence.

Jill has been an Intuitive all her life. She came forward with her stunning gift to help open, support, and teach intuition. Her work helps explain the chakras, or energy centers that when balanced, are key to health, vitality, and peace.

She and Mark live in Mill Valley, California with their three children Abe, 13, Ella, 11, and Jude, 6.

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