SUZANNE TUCKER: Regulating Big Emotions

SUZANNE TUCKER: Regulating Big Emotions

SUZANNE TUCKER: Regulating Big Emotions 1920 1080 Kanika

What if you were able to connect with your kids in a deep, meaningful way? When you asked them to do something, they instantly got it and didn’t want to test you or defy you. And when they asked you to play or teach them in a fun way, you put them first and knew exactly what to do.

Today’s expert is going to show us how. She’s Suzanne Tucker and is the Founder of Generation Mindful.

Suzanne Tucker is a mom of four who has been a physical therapist and parent educator for over 27 years. While teaching positive discipline classes, Suzanne saw a need for tangible, evidence-based tools and toys to help parents and educators apply the science of positive discipline into their everyday lives, particularly when they were feeling stressed or their children were acting out.

“When I got my strong-willed child, time-outs were ineffective. I needed a different method. I needed something in a box, with instructions, a video, and a community to hold my hand.”

That’s exactly what Generation Mindful is.

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