Supporting Your Partner to Achieve Their Potential

with Michael Perry, Dr. Zabina Bhasin & Rakesh Ahuja

Supporting Your Partner to Achieve Their Potential

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Episode 4: Supporting Your Partner to Achieve Their Potential

First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes baby in the baby carriage. Then comes a lot of compromise, sacrifice, and hopefully support to sustain it all so it doesn’t come crashing down.

Today’s guests model what it takes to make a marriage work as they are supportive of each other’s dreams and help one another achieve their utmost potential and helping our world become a better place through her diversity-driven business for kids.

About Dr. Zabina Bhasin, Founder of In KidZ, Child Psychiatrist

Dr. Zabina Bhasin is a South Asian American Child Psychiatrist, Cornell-educated diversity and inclusion (DEI) expert, & is affectionately called Dr.Zee by many. She is one-mom on a mission to educate our children and change the world through play. It’s essential that you know that her work isn’t just a project or a trend. As someone who was bullied throughout her life for being different, this is her personal story; as a child psychiatrist, it’s her professional work. As someone who feels incredibly called to this – it is her life’s mission. Her expertise and the work to use games, toys, and fun to teach serious topics like diversity, inclusion, belonging, and more have taken her from news media like Good Morning America. Entrepreneur Magazine, Vogue Magazine & most recently celebrated as FORBES NEXT 1000 ENTREPRENEURS. At In KidZ, creating toys and products designed to celebrate diversity is just the beginning. The company is expanding to broaden its reach through books, television programming, classrooms, and businesses around the country. And we’re doing it all with a single goal in mind – to make diversity no longer an issue and the cultural norm. Yes, our country is in a crisis, but the good news? Not only can we change it for our children, but we can also change it WITH our children, and she is here to prove it.

About Rakesh Ahuja, CPA

The SRA Group founder and CEO, a son, brother, husband, and father, takes his role in every part. He has always believed in hard work to get results in his professional career & uplifting others in theirs. As a businessman, he empowers his employees by reminding them they can achieve anything they set out to do. He encourages them never to let their insecurities hold them back. He believes in hard work in all aspects of life, and he makes sure all those around him are always supported no matter what. That does not stop him from teaching the next generation about the value of working hard for what they want in life.

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