Ways To Foster a Positive Birth Experience

Ways To Foster a Positive Birth Experience

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Childbirth can look like many things for a woman. Whether she gives birth in water, at home, in a birth center, or at the local hospital, all birth is special and valuable. But more and more, women are struggling to cope with their experiences. Here we discuss a few strategies to help you foster a positive birth experience that you don’t have to heal from later mentally.

Outline Your Birth Plan, but Stay Flexible

You will hear that a birth plan is a waste of time, but it’s vital to create one regardless of outsiders’ opinions. This birth plan is the place that houses all your wishes, needs, and medical preferences for you and your baby. It’s vital to create one because there is a strong possibility this will serve as the voice of reason mid-labor or immediately after delivery.

The best way to coexist peacefully with this information is to remain flexible and understand that labor and delivery unfold rapidly and sometimes surprisingly. A good rule of thumb is to date the plan and marry flexibility.

Consider Taking a Course

Nowadays, almost all perspectives are expanded thanks to the power of social media or other digital art forms. People used to visit only their local hospital for childbirth classes. Now, you can take a course in various ways as it aligns with your lifestyle and medical preferences.

Consider investing in a pregnancy and postpartum education course with someone who offers similar views. This way, you can understand more about what to expect and the potential outcomes for your circumstances.

Equip Yourself With the Right People

You would be surprised how much the people around you can influence various aspects and outcomes in your life. Labor, delivery, childbirth, and postpartum are all included in these influenced aspects, and the people you have around you during these phases can significantly impact your mental and emotional loads.

Ensure you equip yourself with the right people. Don’t choose people to please someone or simply for peace’s sake. Choose people who will empower you, encourage you, support you, guide you, and can ensure your needs are met.

Write Down Your Pregnancy Affirmations

Pregnancy affirmations can change the game regarding your mental capacity and ability to overcome. You may learn in your birth education course that much of laboring is mental, and overcoming that aspect equips you with the mindset and physical strength needed to follow through.

Write down a series of pregnancy affirmations and place them in your prepared water or home birth space. This is advantageous for deliveries where you may wish to decline an epidural or other interventions. Consider statements like:

  • You are strong.
  • You are capable.
  • I trust my body and baby.
  • I surrender to the process.

Forecast for Postpartum

One of the single most valuable ways to foster a positive birth experience is to forecast your postpartum phase. Postpartum is so easily forgotten about or dropped off on the corner. Stash meals in your freezer, create diaper stations, hire a night nurse, and designate an hour for yourself each day. Stop at nothing to secure a healthy, well-nourished postpartum.

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