Tips for Keeping Your Home Organized This Summer

Tips for Keeping Your Home Organized This Summer

Tips for Keeping Your Home Organized This Summer 2560 1491 Kanika

Summer might grant the kids a break from school and homework, but that doesn’t mean the activity stops. There’s always something for them to go to, whether it’s camp or several play dates. It’s only a matter of time before the house starts to feel like a tornado ran through it. Check out these tips for keeping your home organized this summer.

Assess the Situation

As a parent, you know all about getting your bearings. You can’t fix the problem until you gather a full view of what the issue is. Assess the situation first. Find the areas of your home and your life that need the most organization.

It could be the kids’ activities, the morning routine, or even your current work schedule. Make a list of where you think the chaos comes from most. After completing that, you’ll be on better footing to figure out how to get these areas more organized. Now all you need is a little elbow grease.

Declutter Consistently

Most people do a deep clean at least twice a year. During those moments, your home feels the most organized. But it doesn’t take much for the clutter to generate again. Save yourself the trouble of needing to do one big clean by the end of the summer.

Declutter your home on a regular basis. Plus, doing it consistently makes things easier for everyone. You won’t feel the pressure of decluttering your entire home all at once. When you start to see clutter form, create a plan to get rid of it. Some items you can donate, and others just need another space.

Write It All Down

Never try and keep your plan inside your head. That will only create more clutter you don’t need. Write down all the things that demand immediate and consistent attention in a place your whole family can see. Place a whiteboard in either your kitchen or home office.

Consider using chalk markers on the whiteboard so the information doesn’t easily wipe off and cause you to forget what needs to get done. Include schedules, activities, and things you may need to buy. Use a calendar grid so you don’t get your days mixed up, and try to evenly space tasks out so you don’t feel overwhelmed on certain days.

Create Routines

Routines are a parent’s best friend. Create a morning routine so the days start off right, and include a night routine. Get things in place the night before so when the sun comes up, things run smoothly. Assign specific tasks to everyone so the chores don’t all fall on your shoulders.

Tell the kids what day they need to clean their rooms. Try and make it a weekly chore so areas don’t get too messy or out of whack. Then make a cleaning schedule for the adults in the common areas.

An organized home for the summer is not an impossible task. It just requires a little patience. Tell us how it goes, and check out our podcast.