Tips for Helping Teething Babies Feel More Comfortable

Tips for Helping Teething Babies Feel More Comfortable

Tips for Helping Teething Babies Feel More Comfortable 1920 1080 Kanika

Teething can cause a lot of frustration for both babies and their parents. Teething is the process of a child’s first set of teeth breaking through the gums. This is a painful yet natural part of growing up. However, in the eyes of a baby, it just means a sudden, unexplainable pain. Here are three top tips for helping teething babies feel more comfortable for a smoother teething experience.

Use Teething Rings

Teething rings are typically rubber or plastic chew toys that your baby bites on. As they chew and suck on the hard surface, the pressure of the ring against their gums soothes the aching pain. The applied pressure disperses and regulates the blood flow in that area, releasing endorphins and reducing strain. For added comfort and soothing qualities, place your baby’s teething ring in the fridge or freezer before use. The cold sensation will further help numb the pain.

Use a Soft Pacifier Holder

Though pacifiers traditionally come with clips, a soft pacifier holder can play a role in helping your baby through the teething process. There are many differences between pacifier holders and clips, but a main one is the multifunctionality of holders. Stuffed animal pacifier holders give your baby something soft to hold onto, soothing their touch senses. However, your baby can also chew on the holder, turning their pacifier into a two-in-one teething tool.

Give Them Warm Baths

Warm baths may not target the pain in the gums directly, but it does give your baby comfort. The hot water increases your baby’s body temperature, causing their muscles to release tension. Without the strain on the muscles, their body can relax.

Along with providing muscle relaxation, warm baths also offer other sensorial comforts. Adding soaps with certain scents like lavender and eucalyptus—baby-friendly versions, of course—stimulates other calming responses that relax the body. Giving your baby a warm bath while they teethe distracts them from the pain with a soothing and comfortable experience.

Make the teething process more seamless with these tips for helping teething babies feel more comfortable. When the baby is comfortable, so are the parents. For more parenting tips and tricks, check out and subscribe to our That’s Total Mom Sense Podcast. We cover various parenting topics to help you in your journey!