Things To Learn About Breastfeeding Before You Give Birth

Things To Learn About Breastfeeding Before You Give Birth

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During pregnancy, expecting parents prepare many things in their lives to hold space for a newborn baby. And while it’s all exciting and unknown, feeding this newborn is one thing that will certainly be necessary. If you’re looking ahead at a breastfeeding journey, it’s vital to set aside some time to learn about breastfeeding before you give birth to set yourself up for as much success as you deserve.

Proper Latching Techniques

A proper latching technique is best learned with your baby in your arms. But familiarizing yourself with the terminology and the importance of a good latch can give you the opportunity to get it right. Not latching your newborn correctly can result in clogged ducts, slow weight gain, or painful latching altogether.

When these issues occur, your success rate may decline. Feel free to ask your care team or midwife about some best practices or resources they may have to help begin this process without the baby physically in your arms.

The Benefits of the Golden Hour

Creating a birth plan is a significant part of those final pregnancy days. It’s ideal to remain flexible when creating these plans because birth is unexpected, and anything can happen. But you should include plans to participate in the golden hour, especially if your vision is long-term breastfeeding. The golden hour is the immediate first hour, post-delivery, where mother and baby are skin-to-skin, meeting and bonding.

Learn all you can about the importance of the golden hour so you aren’t convinced to forgo this experience. A few key benefits include:

  • Newborn body temperature regulation
  • Milk supply production signals
  • Latching assistance from providers
  • Newborn colostrum feeding

Community Support Resources

Each community should have primary and ample access to breastfeeding education as it’s an incredibly important facet to support and success. Whether your local hospital or birth center offers a weekly group or you find a group of local moms who provide services, consider integrating yourself before you give birth. This is an excellent opportunity to learn, grow, and familiarize yourself with needs, wants, and common struggles. During your fourth trimester, you will know who and where to go when things get tough or you need a little pick-me-up.

Supplies and Accessories You May Find Useful

In these support resources or groups, you may find that there is a wide range of supplies and accessories that moms use. Consider spending time before you give birth learning about different breastfeeding supplies, tools, and aids so you can add these items to a registry or collect them along the way. You’ll find these items are relatively expensive, so if you can prepare beforehand, you’ll be in good shape. Consider the following items:

  • Breast pump and parts
  • Milk storage bags
  • Nursing bras or clothing
  • Creams or balms
  • Support pillows

Breastfeeding is a natural process that does not come naturally for many. We’re all in this together. For questions, concerns, or to learn more about all things motherhood, subscribe to our podcast. We’re here to support your journey from beginning to end.