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013: Terri Bacow — Mom Guilt Stops Here – Why We Feel It and How to Deal

013: Terri Bacow — Mom Guilt Stops Here – Why We Feel It and How to Deal 1024 512 Chase Jennings

No one likes feeling guilty. It’s just not a happy place to be. Yet somehow mothers seem to be riddled with what is called “mom guilt” all the time. We sacrifice so much for our children, but despite that, we still feel like we’re not doing enough. For some, they feel guilty for not being able to take care of their children because they’re working, and for others, they long to be out in the workforce because they feel they’re homebound with their kids too much. Either way, it’s a difficult conundrum to grapple with all the time.

On this episode, I am joined by Dr. Terri Bacow, PhD, who is a clinical psychologist on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. She has deep expertise in using skills-based therapies to treat anxiety, depression, and related disorders, including postpartum depression and anxiety. Dr. Bacow is dedicated to empowering each client with the concrete, sustainable coping skills to better manage overwhelming thoughts and emotions. She especially enjoys working with young adults (including college students) and parents, including moms and dads adjusting to new parenting or interested in parent coaching. Ready to shed the mom guilt, and hone in on your greatest, most powerful self? Let’s do this!

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Show Notes:

  • 4:00 – “Tyranny of the shoulds”
  • 6:17 – Working moms
  • 9:30 – Team work makes the dream work!
  • 11:00 – Ask for help
  • 12:50 – Mom Sense Moment
  • 17:45 – Quote of the Day
  • 18:00 – Mom Haul

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011: Sahar Martinez — Getting Your Groove Back In Your Marriage After Kids

011: Sahar Martinez — Getting Your Groove Back In Your Marriage After Kids 1024 512 Chase Jennings

Sahar Martinez - Horizontal (1)

Ever since we had our baby, my husband and I are at odds with each other. It’s like he’s my roommate and not my partner anymore. We just co exist. We never have time to sit down and talk. And when we do talk, it’s about laundry list items pertaining to the kids like – can you order more diapers or by the way, baby has his doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Every little argument snowballs into a fight. It feels like we’re constantly bickering. I don’t even want to talk about how long it’s been since we’ve been intimate. I’ve lost track of how many months it’s been. Why are my kids ruining my marriage??” -Dazed and Confused, New York, NY

If this sounds like you — don’t worry. All couples go through this transition after they bring kids into their life. Priorities change and time is limited. I am doing this episode because I want to ensure you have the tools to reconnect with your partner and get your marriage back on track.

On today’s episode, I am joined by Marriage and Family Therapist Sahar Martinez. She says the process of healing often leads to deeper understanding of ourselves and our relationships. She works collaboratively with her clients, creating a safe, healing, therapeutic space that allows for growth and change. She offers an integrative approach to therapy, tailored to your unique needs. She specializes in working with individuals, couples and families struggling with issues related to trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, and major life changes, like having a baby.

She says the challenges we face as we move through various phases of life can seem overwhelming and isolating. It doesn’t have to be this way. She truly believes that each individual possesses the power within to live to their highest potential, and she’s here to support your journey to a place of hope, compassion and self love.

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Show Notes:

  • 1:22 — Excerpt from one of my listeners
  • 6:19 — Biological responses
  • 10:47 — Making time
  • 15:50 — Setting boundaries
  • 17:25 — Money
  • 22:24 — Agreeing on how to raise children
  • 28:00 — How to explain arguments to children
  • 37:50 — Products

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