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077: Jaclyn Mellone — Ready to Launch + Scale Your Podcast?

077: Jaclyn Mellone — Ready to Launch + Scale Your Podcast? 1920 1080 Chase Jennings

According to, there are currently 850,000 active podcasts and over 30 million podcast episodes out there across platforms like Apple Podcasts, cached on Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Anchor, GoodPods and more.. More than half of all US consumers above the age of 12 listen to podcasts and nearly 3 out of 4 podcast listeners say they tune in to learn new things.

Are you toying the idea of launching your own podcast?
Are you a thought leader in your field and want to know how to pitch yourself to be a guest on podcasts?

On this episode, you will definitely learn a ton because I am joined by Jaclyn Mellone, a renowned podcaster, coach, and strategist who has courses dedicated to podcasters and those who aspire to be guests.

Jaclyn Mellone helps experts exponentially grow their business by becoming the Go-To Authority in their space. She is also a Keynote speaker, mama, guac lover, and host of the Go-To Gal podcast!

Jaclyn has leveraged podcasting to build a multi-six-figure coaching and course business, generate passive recurring revenue from affiliates, become a top 25 Convertkit affiliate, and partner with brands Gusto, Acuity, FabFitFun, and Sony Music.

Jaclyn supports experts at all stages – from freelancers to global brands!

She has spoken at marketing conferences around the US, grown her social media channels to total over 50K followers and has been featured in Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, Reader’s Digest, Parents, Well + Good, and on dozens of podcasts and radio appearances.

Jaclyn has proudly built the Go-To Gal empire in her slippers from her living room in Rochester, NY! She is a wife and mom of two Eleanor (7) and Marshall (4), and fur baby Louie.

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014: Sue Groner — Parenting with Sanity & Joy – 101 Simple Strategies for

014: Sue Groner — Parenting with Sanity & Joy – 101 Simple Strategies for 1024 512 Chase Jennings

In my opinion, the most challenging facet to being a parent is wondering if you are making good decisions for your kids. Should I sleep train or not? How much screen time? Should I opt for a nanny or daycare? When are we doing away with bottles? When to start potty training? And these small problems evolve when we have tweens and adolescents who are faced with peer pressure, bullying, self esteem issues, keeping up with competitive academic environments, honing in on their passions, and being socially accepted.

Sue Groner is founder of the Parenting Mentor, which provides on-site and virtual sessions for parents of toddlers through teens. As a University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School graduate and a former advertising executive, Groner uses her training in creative problem solving with her CLEARR methodology to help parents foster and maintain a more fulfilling and stress-free experience while in the trenches of day-to-day children. She lives in New York with her husband and two children.

“One of the most frustrating aspects of parenting is that there is no school for it. You learn by doing.” -Dr. Elliot Barsh, Pediatrician

“Sue Groner’s parenting tips provide immediate access to wise and loving guidance that can help when navigating the many day to day challenges we encounter when raising children. Her big picture, common-sense approach offers parents a “tool box” that allows them to act from a position of confidence.”

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