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010: Kelly Murray & Amber Price — Hush Little Baby – Sleep Training vs. Co-Sleeping

010: Kelly Murray & Amber Price — Hush Little Baby – Sleep Training vs. Co-Sleeping 1024 512 Kanika

You know what the most trite advice is about babies and sleep? “Honey, sleep when the baby sleeps!” It makes me think of a meme I came across on Instagram that said, “Sure. And I’ll do laundry when my baby does laundry and wash bottles when my baby washes bottles.” When the baby sleeps, that may be our only window of  time to get to the umpteen things we have to do.

One of the most polarizing and confusing topics for a new mom is “To sleep train or not.” There are some parents who are die-hard believers in the Ferber method and others who prefer co-sleeping, and others who fall somewhere in between. First and foremost, there is no right or wrong method. You do what is right for your baby and your family and your schedule.

What I aim to provide you with is knowledge. If you’re a mom who is unsure of what to do to put your baby to sleep and sleep well, this is the episode for you. I interview Kelly Murray, founder of Kelly Murray Sleep Consulting and Dr. Amber Price, Pediatrician/Lactation Specialist, and they talk about the pros and cons of sleep training vs. attachment parenting.

My goal is to keep things as objective as possible. As a journalist, I’m hardwired to tell both sides of the story, that way you can take both of these very different perspectives and schools of  thought and do what’s best for your baby and your family. Sweet dreams!

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Meet My Guest:

Show Notes:

  • 2:50 – Meet Kelly Murray, founder of Kelly Murray Sleep Consulting
  • 3:45 – Meet Dr. Amber Price, pediatrician and breastfeeding medicine specialist and founder of Willow Pediatrics
  • 4:40 – How much sleep should a newborn be getting?
  • 8:00 – When can I put my baby on a schedule?
  • 12:50 – When is a baby ready to sleep train?
  • 15:20 – Recap of the book, “12 Hours in 12 Weeks” by Suzy Giardano
  • 20:00 – Did you co-sleep or sleep train early on? Share your personal experiences with us.
  • 24:00 – Are there alternatives to the Ferber method of sleep training?
  • 27:00 – How do babies self soothe?
  • 29:00 – How did you co-sleep with your kids (for Dr. Price)?
  • 36:50 – What is the stigma vs. the benefits of sleep training vs. attachment parenting?
  • 46:27 – How do you know child-led parenting is meant for you?
  • 47:40 – What are some of the similarities of both philosophies?
  • 48:00 – Mom Sense moment
  • 55:29 – Mom Haul
  • 59:37 – Quote of the Day

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Brooke Campbell Featured

008: Brooke Campbell — Terrible Twos, Tantrums, and Tears – Oh My!

008: Brooke Campbell — Terrible Twos, Tantrums, and Tears – Oh My! 1024 512 Kanika

If you’re a mom of toddlers, you’ve probably had to deal with the dreaded tantrum. They happen all the time – at home and in public – and when we have an audience like when you’re at a grocery  store or at the mall, it’s like the most embarrassing thing ever. They don’t call it terrible 2s for nothing. Today, we’re going to learn how to deal with tantrums and really get to the root of the issue.

Brooke Campbell is a licensed creative arts therapist and board certified trainer of drama therapy with fifteen years of experience and holds a master’s degree from New York University . She’s the founder of Creative Kinections LLC an arts based community organization providing drama therapy to private clients, universities, hospitals, schools, non-profits, addiction centers, and domestic violence organizations. Brooke is an alumni and teaching fellow at the University of Pennsylvania with the School of Social Policy and Practice and guest lectures at New York University and The School of Visual Arts. In 2018, she received the Women’s Excellence Award in Children’s Advocacy and has been voted by parents as a Favorite Kids’ Doc in the category of psychotherapy from 2013-2018.

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About My Guest:

Show Notes:

  • 2:50 – What is drama therapy?
  • 3:46 – How does it relate to psychotherapy?
  • 4:33 – Why do toddlers act out?
  • 7:30 – Is it fight or flight response when they cry, kick, scream?
  • 9:45 – What should a parent do when their kid is throwing a tantrum in public?
  • 13:25 – What are some tips to employ on a consistent basis?
  • 18:17 – Do kids understand right/wrong at a certain age?
  • 20:46 – What is your take on Time Out?
  • 22:30 – Guilt vs. shame
  • 26:00 – Making positive choices
  • 27:30 – As a therapist, what are your top tips for moms?
  • 32:00 – Mom Sense moment
  • 34:00 – Mom Haul
  • 36:00 – Quote of the day

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002: Holland Haiis — How Much Screen Time is Too Much?

002: Holland Haiis — How Much Screen Time is Too Much? 1024 512 Kanika

The World Health Organization recently tightened its guidelines on screen time for kids.  Babies in their first year of life should never be exposed to screens and those aged 2 to 4 should spend no more than an hour a day in front of a screen. (Cue – parents gasping everywhere). Though technology can be beneficial in many ways, we can’t deny the increase in cases of childhood obesity, vision/eyestrain issues, anxiety, and behavioral disorders due to introducing our little ones to our digital world too soon. 

Speaker, author, and leading expert on digital detox, Holland Haiis advises on how much time each age group should ideally spend in front a screen, if it all. She also takes a deep dive into why kids get addicted, how it effects their brain and behavior, and how we can flip the script and get them to ditch the habit. Parents, you may want to put down your smartphone and lead by example with this one! 

Tune In:

About Our Guest:

Show Notes:

  • 2:56 – Meet Holland Haiis, digital detox expert 
  • 4:20 – Stats on how much time kids & adults are on screens
  • 6:49 – How much time should kids spend on a screen, if at all?
  • 18:04 – How screens affect children’s behavior and disorders like ADHD, ADD, etc.
  • 20:30 – Holland’s tips on freeing you and your kids of screen time
  • 31:30 – Mom Sense Moment
  • 33:20 – Quote of the Day
  • 34:40 – Mom Haul