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096: Bobbi Brown — Motherhood, Makeup, and Making an Impact

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Things are not getting any easier as we forge ahead during these precarious times, but my guest today is a woman who chooses to lead her life with conviction and manage it all with finesse. She recently gave a commencement speech to the class of 2020 where she rallied, “Get over it, get over yourself and get out there!” And I think that slogan applies to adults and parents too, especially during these challenging times. We’ve got this and need to believe it.

Bobbi Brown is a beauty industry titan, world renowned makeup artist, best-selling author, sought-after speaker, and serial entrepreneur. As a professional makeup artist, Bobbi created 10 simple lipsticks that evolved into a global beauty empire. She has written nine beauty and wellness books and is a New York Times bestselling author. Since leaving her billion-dollar company Bobbi Brown Cosmetics in October 2016, she has launched Beauty Evolution, LLC and was certified as a health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Bobbi is a serial entrepreneur at the core. Her latest endeavors include JONES ROAD BEAUTY, an edited collection of high-performance, multi-purpose essentials and EVOLUTION_18, a line of beauty-inspired wellness products. Driven by Bobbi’s insatiable curiosity for all things lifestyle, she also curates the editorial website, In addition, she and her husband, Steven Plofker, lovingly reimagined The George, a 32-room design-inspired boutique hotel located in Montclair, N.J. They have 3 sons Dylan, Dakota, and Duke.

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033: Jenn Kapahi — Back to the Basics in Beauty & Motherhood

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As moms, we lead very busy lives and whether we’re working women or hold down the fort at home, there’s something that changes in us when we feel we look our best – it’s that mani/pedi, that blowout, or those perfect makeup essentials that take us from feeling drab to fab and ready to put ourselves out there and take on the world.

On today’s episode, we’re zeroing in on makeup essentials that enhance your natural beauty, are quick/easy, don’t take up much real estate in your cosmetic bag or diaper fanny pack, and most importantly have a patented packaging (they’re crayons guys, and who doesn’t love crayons — not just your kids) and unique formulas that give you a fresh, flawless face. The brand I’m talking about is Trestique and I’m here with the founder and Co-CEO, Jenn Kapahi.

Jenn grew up on her family’s organic farm on the North Fork. Besides working in the fields and on the retail stand, her side hustle was waitressing, starting a piano school, babysitting, working with the vet and doing makeup at Saks in Southampton. In college she studied fine art, played on the women’s soccer team and held 3 part time jobs.

Upon graduation, she worked at Bloomingdales and worked her way up to becoming the Assistant Store Manager of the Cosmetics Dept. responsible for 7 brands and 300 employees. She loved the world of makeup but disliked the lack of creativity in the retail sector, which led her to join the marketing team of a top global cosmetic manufacturer, then she moved to Revlon where she worked as a Global Product Developer, and finally, launched her own cosmetics brand, trèStiQue in June 2015.

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022: Divya Gugnani — Makeup Made Simple for the Multitasking Mama

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What is the #1 skincare issue that moms face? You guessed it. Dark under eye circles. We get little to no sleep when we’re taking care of our littles, and unfortunately, it shows up all over our face.

Have you seen the glam golden under eye mask patches that have gone viral on Instagram? Well, they’re by a brand called Wander Beauty, co-founded by serial entrepreneur Divya Gugnani and model Lindsay Ellingson.

Today, I am excited to be chatting with Divya Gugnani. She is a renaissance woman and has seen success in almost every industry. She brings 20 years of investment and entrepreneurial experience to her role as CEO and Co-Founder of Wander Beauty, which is a company focused on multitasking beauty essentials created with global inspiration. Launched in 2015 Wander Beauty has proven to be one of the fastest emerging brands in the country, with over 19 highly prestigious beauty awards under their belt, plus a loyal following of A-list celebrities, top journalists and notable beauty and style influencers.

Prior to that, Divya co-founded Send the Trend, an e-commerce site focused on personalized fashion and beauty, and sold it to QVC, where she focused on digital innovation. She has co-founded multiple companies after starting her career in I-banking and private equity. Divya is a self- proclaimed startup junkie, a food and fashion lover, as well as a beauty experimenter. She has appeared regularly on shows on CNBC, NBC and MSNBC. She has also been featured in The New York Times, Vanity Fair, BusinessWeek, TIME Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, to name a few. In addition to a B.S. from Cornell University and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School, Divya attended the French Culinary Institute.

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  • 01:20: Introduction
  • 03:25: How Divya got her start
  • 07:55: Taking initiative
  • 09:15: Where interest in food and fashion came from
  • 14:45: Classifying kids and how they surprise her
  • 17:30: Less is more
  • 19:30: Difficulty with nursing daughter
  • 20:53: Quote of the day: “If you talk, you’re just repeating what you already know. If you listen, you’re learning something new.”
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