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016: Brooke Allen & Heather Lovato — Finding Your Rhythm: Strategies for Mompreneurs

016: Brooke Allen & Heather Lovato — Finding Your Rhythm: Strategies for Mompreneurs 1024 512 Chase Jennings

On today’s episode, I have a gab fest with Brooke Allen and Heather Lovato, the founders of Sōlspace, a no holds barred podcast and blog for moms. These two mompreneurs share their journey from being single AF to married with children, and give you real-talk parenting tips along the way. Brooke, an entrepreneur and digital marketing strategist, loves spending time with her family, a glass of red wine with her girls (or alone), snuggling with her 2 year old boy and has a weird obsession with finding information online (friends affectionately call her “cyberstalker”). No one is safe but your secrets are safe with her. 

Heather started a successful conscious creative agency called clover PR over 6 years ago, married the man of her dreams and then they had the cutest, chunkiest, delicious little boy… but nothing is quite figured out. Heather loves being creative, coffee + morning walks with her family, attending anything with a theme and sarcasm is her true love language. She has always dreamed of sharing her thoughts with the masses one day — even if only for her own therapy. 

The two each have one son and are now pregnant with their daughters (due any day now!) We talk time management, how the mom life #juggleisreal, and more. 

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Show Notes:

  • 01:40 – Introductions
  • 06:20 – Cofounding history
  • 14:56 – Starting the business out of a need you feel personal about
  • 18:33 – Bringing people together
  • 21:40 – “If you’re trying to conquer the world, you’re going to need help”
  • 22:11 – Time blocking
  • 29:40 – Organization
  • 38:59 – Defining your non-negotiables
  • 44:41 – Mom Haul
  • 47:07 – Quote of the day

Mom Haul: