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Trusting the Universe

Shital Patel

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Love, Life, & Relationships

Episode 1: Shital Patel

Sponsored by The Chai Box, Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking stars Aparna Shewakramani, Viral Joshi, Aashay Shah, and Shital Patel share their dating secrets and uncover how they are finding love while staying true to themselves. Sip your tea while cast members spill the tea!

Shital’s Bio:

Shital Patel is a reality personality, influencer and wellness enthusiast. She has been featured on projects with Bravo and Netflix and is best known for her role on the hit television show Indian Matchmaking Season 2. As a main character, she shares her journey of personal growth to find love. Shital has built a community of like minded women who are focused on their inner journey, self care, health and fitness to reach their highest potential. She currently lives between New York City and Miami. Shital can be reached via email at and on Instagram @therealshitalpatel.


  • INSTAGRAM: @therealshitalpatel

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