That’s Total Mom Sense’s pillars are to be informative, engaging and inclusive. So it makes perfect sense that we don’t discount the dads in our audience. Here to shed light on a father’s perspective is my co-host Michael Perry, founder of Maple, a parenting app with a mission to create a support system for families so the days are manageable, daily tasks are checked off, and there’s harmony in your household. Michael is a trailblazer in tech and is a loving husband and devoted father to his two boys. Together we bring you a special monthly series called, “What Matters Most With Maple.”


1 Unpacking Infertility Featured

A Dad's Take on Infertility

Many people still feel the stigma around having babies the unconventional way be it IVF, surrogacy, or adoption. Today, my co-host Michael Perry and I are going to create a safe space to discuss how…

Parenting is a Team Sport

Parenting is a Team Sport

Today, Michael Perry and I are diving in to how parenting and more importantly, parent involvement has changed over the years. As Maple’s campaign mentions, we’re going from 1950 to 50/50!


Getting Unstuck and Overcoming Burnout

Parents are feeling stuck. From the monotony of the pandemic which has been dragging on for more than 2 years to being burnt out. We are child-rearers, caregivers, career professionals…


Supporting Your Partner to Achieve Their Potential

Today’s guests model what it takes to make a marriage work as they help one another achieve their potential, improving the world through her diversity-driven business for kids.

What Matters Most with Maple: Why is Crypto So Cryptic? — with Caleb Frankel & Jordan Wexler

Why is Crypto so Cryptic?

Why is crypto so cryptic? Today we’re joined by the founders of Earlybird who are going to help Michael and I navigate our new world of NFTs and invest in our future – literally. A new wave of finance and providing a safety net for our children.

Daddy Issues - Kimberly Wolf on Thats Total Mom Sense with Kanika Chadda-Gupta

Talk With Her: Helping Dads Relate to Their Daughters

Today, we’re talking about how fathers can relate to their daughters which as psychology has shown is integral in a woman’s sense of self worth and confidence.


Podcasts for Kids!

Bedtime stories are so integral to a child’s imagination. Now podcasts are keeping them engaged in ways like never before. So put away the screens and allow their sense of wonder and curiosity to soar with Kids Short Stories, hosted by Mr. Jim.


Surrogacy & Fertility Financing for Hopeful Parents

After undergoing a long & costly process to expand his family via surrogacy & egg donation, Eran vowed to help other intended parents avoid his experience. His passion led to the creation of GoStork.


#ParentTech + the Future of Parenthood

Today I’m joined by trailblazers in #parenttech who range from those who have created a sizable community and brand offering to those embarking on launching and scaling their start-ups. We all have one common goal in mind – being of service to parents the world over.

The best way to get things done as a family. Collaborate & manage your household.

The best way to get things done as a family. Collaborate & manage your household.

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