New Mom’s Guide: Tips for Creating Your Newborn’s Wardrobe

New Mom’s Guide: Tips for Creating Your Newborn’s Wardrobe

New Mom’s Guide: Tips for Creating Your Newborn’s Wardrobe 1920 1080 Kanika

Expecting your first baby is exciting and requires a fair amount of preparation. As you set up the nursery, you’ll also need to establish a wardrobe for your little one so they have clothes to wear once they arrive. Buying clothes for a newborn can be tricky, considering they grow quickly and need soft and comfortable materials on their sensitive skin. Delve into the best tips for creating your newborn’s wardrobe to keep shopping simple.

Buy Various Sizes

It’s no secret that baby clothes are adorable, and buying a heap of apparel is easy. However, if you only buy garments for the early stages of newborn life, your baby may only wear a few things before outgrowing the rest.

Instead of only buying clothing for those first few months, aim for a range that accommodates the first year. So get a few outfits for months one through three as well as months six through 12. Doing this ensures you always have some clothing to dress your little one in as they grow.

Evaluate Materials

Babies have sensitive skin, so choosing clothes made of natural materials like linen and cotton is wise. Some of the reasons cotton is ideal for infant clothes is because the material is hypoallergenic, breathable, and cozy for your baby

Avoid apparel made with synthetic materials because it might cause skin irritation. Synthetic fabrics are also less durable than natural options and may appear worn after a few washes. Examples of synthetic fabrics include polyester and rayon.

Buy Easily Paired Outfits

When buying clothes for your baby, choosing bright colors and patterns is tempting. But these are harder to pair with other clothes than plain-colored garments are.

As you shop for baby clothes, aim for apparel in natural shades, such as sky blue, daffodil, or flamingo pink. Sticking to these colors makes it easier to mix and match apparel to create a wide range of outfits for your baby.

Shop for Layers

The final tip for creating your newborn’s wardrobe is to buy clothing you can easily layer. A onesie is the perfect base to put a shirt and pants over; on a cool day, add a jacket to this look. Unlike adults, babies cannot regulate their body temperature, so you’ll need to add or remove layers depending on if it’s hot or cold outside. Clothing that is easy to layer allows you to do this.

Now you know the best buying tips for your newborn’s wardrobe! Strive to assemble your little one’s wardrobe early on so you don’t have to think about it after giving birth. And once you have all your newborn’s clothes, organize their closet so all apparel is easy to access after they’re born.

Parenting is an exciting yet confusing journey, but navigating it with advice from fellow mothers makes it easier. Check out the That’s Total Mom Sense podcast for wonderful motherly tips!