How To Choose the Right Venue for a Baby Shower

How To Choose the Right Venue for a Baby Shower

How To Choose the Right Venue for a Baby Shower 1920 1080 Kanika

Hosting a baby shower is a huge responsibility, with tons of details to work out! Choosing a venue is a good place to start, but there are a few factors you’ll need to keep in mind before finalizing your selection. Here’s how to choose the right venue for a baby shower.

Consider Your Options

You have many options when looking for the perfect baby shower venue. There are some essential factors to keep in mind, such as the formality of the venue. Is the mom-to-be wanting a more casual affair or a huge, formal party?

Some common choices for baby showers include country clubs, tea rooms, restaurants, and outdoor gardens. For a more private affair, someone’s home or backyard can be the perfect venue.

Keep Guest Count in Mind

No matter where you decide to host the shower, you’ll need to verify that the venue can handle the number of attending guests. Venues have guest limits, so you’ll need to ensure the final guest count is within their parameters.

Event venues are also more expensive based on how many guests they can accommodate. Be sure that you don’t choose too large of a venue and spend money unnecessarily. It’s often better to put that money toward catering or a baker instead!

Other Details To Consider

There are a few other details to consider when choosing the right venue for a baby shower. Firstly, is the venue accessible to any guests with disabilities? Is there plenty of parking for everyone on your guest list?

It’s also important to make sure the venue isn’t too far from the expectant mother’s location. When she’s eight months along, she likely won’t want to travel excessively far for the shower. Be sure to keep this in mind while selecting the venue.

Choosing the right venue is just the first step in planning a baby shower. Most checklists for planning the perfect baby shower recommend deciding on the location at least two months in advance. So if you’re starting early, you have plenty of time! For more Total Mom Sense tips, check out our podcast.