Fun Events You Can Have at Your Kids’ School

Fun Events You Can Have at Your Kids’ School

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As parents, we know how important it is to provide plenty of opportunities for our kids to have fun. However, the confines of your home can make large, extra exciting events difficult to pull off. Fortunately, your kids’ school is the perfect place to put on a fun event they’ll remember for years! Here are a few ideas for fun events you can have at your kids’ school to get the ball rolling.

Movie Night

A movie night is a simple event you can try throwing at your kids’ school. An event centered around watching classic films is a great way to get families together, and it can also inspire kids to be more creative while exposing them to important cultural pieces. Plus, movies are a great way to relax and manage stress, giving kids a break from their everyday learning activities.

Putting on a movie night at school has the advantage of space. You can play multiple movies simultaneously by setting them up in different areas. This lets attendees watch what they want, ensuring the night is a hit for everyone, no matter their movie preferences!


Another fun event you can put on at your kids’ school is a carnival. Carnivals can be a lot of fun and can help the school raise money. They help bring the community together for a shared experience and allow parents to participate in school-related activities.

There are quite a few things you can do at a carnival. Rides, games, and other activities are easy to set up and offer hours of fun. By keeping the things to consider when planning a school carnival in mind, you can organize a successful event your kids will rave about for weeks.

Ice Cream Social

You may also want to try putting on an ice cream social at your kids’ school. Putting together a fun night centered around ice cream is an excellent way for family, friends, and other members of the community to interact and socialize. Plus, what kid doesn’t love ice cream?

To make your ice cream social as exciting as possible, serve plenty of toppings, sauces, and additional baked goods to add extra flavor to the occasion. You should also consider creating themed decorations and craft stations for kids to engage with.

Get Together With Your Kids for Some Fun

Entertaining your kids can feel challenging sometimes, especially if you don’t have a good place to do it. Fortunately, their school is an excellent place for activities. With these fun events you can have at your kids’ school, you can spend quality time together and strengthen your community’s bonds. Get more information and tips about parenting by subscribing to the That’s Total Mom Sense podcast today!