EVERGREEN: That’s Total Mom Sense Joins Evergreen Family

EVERGREEN: That’s Total Mom Sense Joins Evergreen Family

EVERGREEN: That’s Total Mom Sense Joins Evergreen Family 1280 720 Kanika

Cleveland, OH – Evergreen Podcasts (Evergreen) proudly welcomes That’s Total Mom Sense, GoodPods rated #1 podcast in Motherhood to its family. Aligned with Evergreen’s commitment to reaching broader audiences, That’s Total Mom Sense delivers quality content with a mission to be illuminating, inclusive, and inspiring for parents worldwide.

Host Kanika Chadda Gupta, former CNN journalist and mother of three, conducts memorable interviews with public figures including Chelsea Clinton, America Ferrera, Kelly Rowland, and Bobbi Brown. In these conversations, Kanika delves into mom guilt, divorce, cycle breaking, life purpose, and the importance of trusting one’s intuition – our ‘mom sense’ and ‘dad sense.’ The discussions take listeners on a journey from tears to belly laughs, offering valuable gems and tangible takeaways along the way. Each episode weaves insights into intuitive parenting, real-life challenges, and the spectrum of genres spanning self-help, lifestyle, entrepreneurship, and wellness.

Tammy Rant: The Art of Babywearing

In this episode of That’s Total Momsense, host Kanika Chaddha Gupta interviews Tammy Rant, the innovative founder and CEO of Tush Baby, a company that’s revolutionizing the way parents carry their little ones.

As a mom of three, Kanika and Tammy understand the struggle of bulky strollers and uncomfortable carriers. Tammy shares her journey from experiencing the aches and pains of traditional baby carriers to creating the Tush Baby Hip Carrier, a viral sensation that’s not only convenient and comfortable but also doctor-approved and loved by caregivers worldwide.

Kanika Chadda Gupta Meets Evergreen Podcasts
“The moment I met David and Gerardo, we knew we were in alignment and were meant to work together,” says Kanika, “From seasoned hosts to the caliber of shows and best-in-class production, there are no shortcuts to success in this industry. If content is king, then distribution is queen, which is why That’s Total Mom Sense is thrilled to join Evergreen’s stellar line-up to continue to serve our core audience of parents on a global scale.”

Kanika Chadda Gupta: New Year, New Network!

In the first episode of 2024 on That’s Total Mom Sense, Kanika dives deeper into her introduction with Evergreen Podcasts. She also introduces her chief strategy officer, Heather Muhlman Jenkins, and shares her excitement for the new adventure in the new year. Join Kanika on her journey as she interviews change-makers about their life lessons, legacy, and the superpower of intuition.

Drawing on her career in television and digital media, Kanika is passionate about uncovering compelling stories that merge entertainment with human interest. As a South Asian American and immigrant, Kanika aims to provide representation for listeners, especially people of color, who may not have seen journalists like her growing up. The podcast’s partnerships with the March of Dimes, Mom 2.0, Mother Honestly, and the White House highlight its dedication to addressing crucial issues related to parenting and family life.

Skillfully overseeing production is Heather Muhleman-Jenkins of Share Your Genius, who ensures that this season’s roster of guests, brand sponsors, and topics will exceed expectations. Federico Fernandez brings his expert touch to the editing process, refining each episode into a polished narrative. Web developer Chase Jennings harmonizes the audio experience with Kanika’s personal brand and online aesthetic. Led by Kanika Chadda Gupta, this dynamic team goes beyond the “why” and zeroes in on the “how.” As featured in Forbes, Kanika says the podcast is focused on, “How can we serve our audience? How can we help them problem-solve and simplify their lives? How can we educate, entertain, enlighten, and engage? Since we are dedicated to finding authentic ways to give our people exactly what they need, we’ve witnessed how our show stands out in a saturated market.”

Chief Strategy Officer, Heather Muhlman Jenkins
Heather adds, “Kanika has a rare gift of putting celebrities at ease and creating a safe space for them to open up about their lives and parenting journey.” She elucidates, “According to a Gallup study, the parenting industry is worth $92 billion in advertising. And who is the mother of all consumers? Moms, of course! They control 85% of household spending and have a US spending power of $2.4 trillion. It’s crucial to recognize the growth potential and the need to serve this market from a trusted source – one of their own who asks all the right questions and has access to changemakers across every field.”

Evergreen Podcasts is excited to amplify the reach and impact of That’s Total Mom Sense, and in turn, enrich its portfolio by providing valuable content for parents and families worldwide.

Join Kanika’s tribe by visiting thatstotalmosense.com and following her journey on Instagram and YouTube.

About Kanika Chadda Gupta:

There’s no hood like parenthood! Former CNN journalist, podcast host, and mother of three (including twins), Kanika Chadda Gupta aims to give credit where it’s often overlooked – the lasting impact of intuitive parenting. She believes our greatest responsibility and privilege on earth is the legacy we leave our children.

Kanika has been featured in Forbes and on ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox. She is a founding member of RISE by Sundara where she mentors young women in underserved communities across the globe fueling their entrepreneurial goals for social good. You can learn more about her at thatstotalmosense.com and follow her journey on Instagram at @kanikachaddagupta and on YouTube.

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