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124 Nina Meehan on Thats Total Mom Sense with Kanika Chadda-Gupta

NINA MEEHAN: Parenting Through Play

NINA MEEHAN: Parenting Through Play 1920 1080 Chase Jennings

Nina Meehan inspires the broader community as a skilled theatre producer, award-winning director, and dedicated arts educator, with expertise in youth development and creativity!
Nina’s award-winning theatrical work for young people as CEO and Founder of Bay Area Children’s Theatre has reached more than 1 million kids and adults and has toured nationally and internationally.

Nina speaks and writes frequently about creative play, arts education, nonprofit management, and theatre for young audiences (TYA) and is the host of the Creative Parenting Podcast. She is also the proud Mama of three kids and a nature lover!

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121 Kareena Kapoor Khan on Thats Total Mom Sense with Kanika Chadda-Gupta

KAREENA KAPOOR KHAN: Movies, Motherhood & the Pregnancy Bible

KAREENA KAPOOR KHAN: Movies, Motherhood & the Pregnancy Bible 1920 1080 Chase Jennings

Today I am honored to bring you a very special interview to commemorate the holiday season and Diwali. It’s with a woman who embodies her feminity so effortlessly as an actor, author, producer, daughter, sister, wife, and mother of two – she’s Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Kareena Kapoor Khan is Bollywood royalty hailing from the Kapoor family who’s ancestry has revolutionized the film industry for generations.

She is the recipient of several awards including 6 Filmfare Awards and is one of Bollywood’s most popular and revered actresses. She received critical acclaim for her roles in Chameli, Omkara, Jab We Met, and Heroine. Her highest grossing releases include Singham Returns, Good Newz, 3 Idiots, Bodyguard, and Bajrangi Bhaijan.

Kareena hosts a radio show and has contributed as a co-writer to four books among them two are autobiographical memoirs, The Style Diary of a Bollywood Diva and My Pregnancy Bible: The Ultimate Manual for Moms to Be . She has started her own line of clothing and cosmetics for women, and has worked with UNICEF since 2014 to advocate for the education of girls and an increase in quality based education in India.

Kareena and her husband actor Saif Ali Khan have two sons, Taimur and Jeh.

Today we dive in to her career, her perspective as a woman in the entertainment industry, and her personal experience as mother. She shares her fun anecdotes and sage advice and is sure to delight. Listen in.

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120 Anisha and Chitra Ramakrishna on Thats Total Mom Sense with Kanika Chadda-Gupta 2


ANISHA & CHITRA RAMAKRISHNA: How to Make Your Mom Your BFF 1920 1080 Chase Jennings

Today I’m joined by a mom and daughter duo I’m sure many of you know – Anisha Ramakrishna and her mother Chitra. They’re both hilariously funny and were the lynchpin of the Bravo reality series, Family Karma.

After climbing the ranks of the New York City fashion industry and reaching the peak of her career, Anisha Ramakrishna decided to pursue her dreams of starting her own size-inclusive clothing line. She left her life in the city, including breaking up with her longtime boyfriend, to move back home with her family and follow in their entrepreneurial footsteps. After the successful launch of her clothing line, she is focused on her personal life. You can catch her on the Bravo TV show Family Karma, which showcases the lives of 7 young Indian professionals and their families. Family Karma is the first tv show in American television history with an all-Indian cast.

Chitra Ramakrishna was born and raised in Mumbai. She spent much of her time raising her three children and working in a business she founded with her husband. She is Anisha’s mom and you can also catch her on Family Karma.

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119 Latham Thomas on Thats Total Mom Sense with Kanika Chadda-Gupta

LATHAM THOMAS: What You Need to Know About the Black Maternal Health Crisis (The Birthing Series)

LATHAM THOMAS: What You Need to Know About the Black Maternal Health Crisis (The Birthing Series) 1920 1080 Chase Jennings

Celebrity Doula, Maternal Wellness Expert, Bestselling Author and Founder of Mama Glow, a global maternal health and education platform and Mama Glow Foundation, a non-profit serving birthing people along the childbearing continuum.

Named one of Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul 100, Latham is the founder of Mama Glow, a global maternal health and education company serving birthing people along the childbearing continuum. Mama Glow supports birthing families during the fertility period, pregnancy, birth as well as during postpartum offering hand-holding through their bespoke doula services. Their doula education platform empowers birth workers around the world. Latham is a fierce advocate for birth equity and works to bridge policy gaps in maternal health. She’s co-founder of The Continuum Conference, a gathering centering on the experience of fertility, pregnancy, and new motherhood. And the Mama Glow Foundation, advancing reproductive justice through education, advocacy, and the arts.

Cultivating her wellness practice over nearly a decade she has served as a doula and lifestyle guru for celebrity clients including Alicia Keys, Anne Hathaway, Ashley Graham, DJ Khaled, Rebecca Minkoff, Doutzen Kroes, Tamera Mowry, Gabrielle Union, and more. She has been featured in the New York Times, The Washington Post, NPR, Vogue, The Breakfast Club, Fast Company, Wall Street Journal Magazine, FORBES, SELF, Essence, and more. She is the proud mother of 18-year-old DJ prodigy, producer and entrepreneur, DJ Fulano. Latham is a graduate of Columbia University and author of two best-selling books;Own Your Glow: A Soulful Guide to Luminous Living And Crowning The Queen Within and Mama Glow: A Hip Guide to Your Fabulous Abundant Pregnancy.

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118 Nneka Symister on Thats Total Mom Sense with Kanika Chadda-Gupta

NNEKA SYMISTER: Healing From Child Loss (The Birthing Series)

NNEKA SYMISTER: Healing From Child Loss (The Birthing Series) 1920 1080 Chase Jennings

Today we are unearthing all the things related to pregnancy that aren’t so peachy from infertility to postpartum depression to misscarriage and stillbirth. These are the gut wrenching experiences many have to face and may not know where or how to seek help.

Here are some stats.

  • Women with infertility can feel as anxious or depressed as those diagnosed with cancer.
  • Up to 20% of women experience prenatal or postpartum depression, and postpartum anxiety affects 20% of first-time moms.
  • 10-15% of women experience depression during pregnancy, but it often goes untreated.
  • Half of women experience significant distress following a miscarriage.
  • Also, 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage, and 1 in 160 babies are stillborn.

Today, I’m joined by Nneka Symister who is a psychotherapist and licensed social worker.

Nneka Symister, LCSW, is a NY based therapist specializing in helping women and couples who suffer with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, miscarriage and loss. After years of working with people with all types of diagnosis, Nneka decided to specifically work with perinatal diagnoses when realizing the huge deficit in mental health awareness and services for women who suffer from these disorders. In her work, Ms. Symister uses multiple techniques to best serve her clients, including cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, interpersonal therapy and EMDR. Within the Seleni Institute, she offers evidence-based maternal mental health trainings to help providers properly diagnose and treat Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders as well as Perinatal Loss and Grief.

Ms. Symister has over a decade of experience helping families build and strengthen their relationships. Her past work includes supporting diverse patients in underserved populations, including inner city residents and the LGBTQIA community. She also has an extensive background working with fathers, specifically utilizing the latest research in human behavior to help patients enhance their relationships with their children and increase positive communication in co-parenting efforts.

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117 Sara Lyon on Thats Total Mom Sense with Kanika Chadda-Gupta

SARA LYON: Helping Your Partner Help You & What To Expect the Second Time Around (The Birthing Series)

SARA LYON: Helping Your Partner Help You & What To Expect the Second Time Around (The Birthing Series) 1920 1080 Chase Jennings

If you hope to be pregnant some day, we understand your anticipation and anxiety. If you’re pregnant right now, we get that you’re nervous, excited, and just want to feel prepared. If you’ve lost your little one, we feel your pain which never goes away and want to help heal your broken heart, and if you were neglected, we want to take up for your cause. This is “The Birthing Series” on That’s Total Mom Sense where I’ll be speaking with experts on labor and delivery, loss, and advocacy.

Today’s guest is Sara Lyon.

Sara Lyon is a renowned birthing expert, doula, founder of Glow Birth & Body, a prenatal and postpartum massage therapy practice serving Oakland and Chicago Glow® which has supported more than 10,000 families since its founding in 2010, author of The Birth Deck and You’ve Got This: Your Guide to Getting Comfortable with Labor. Upbeat, quick-witted and empathetic, Sara delights and entertains as she educates.

Sara is a Licensed Massage Therapist in New York State and holds Diplomas of Remedial Massage Therapy (2005) and Oriental Therapies in Australia (2006), where she graduated from Endeavour College and Shiatsu Australia. As a proud Wolverine, Sara achieved a BA in medical sociology from the University of Michigan (2004) with focused research in women’s health and integrative medicine. Sara is a wife and mother of two and her family split their time between bustling New York City and the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area.

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116 Bhavna Shyamalan on Thats Total Mom Sense with Kanika Chadda-Gupta

BHAVNA SHYAMALAN: Trusting Your Sixth Sense and Helping Humanity

BHAVNA SHYAMALAN: Trusting Your Sixth Sense and Helping Humanity 1920 1080 Chase Jennings

We all know and love M. Night Shyamalan as a world renowned director, producer and actor who was labeled “the next Spielberg” by Newsweek in 2002. His films have grossed over $3 billion globally with cult classics like The Sixth Sense which received nominations for the Academy Award for Best Director and Best Original Screenplay, Signs, The Last Airbender, and The Unbreakable Series.

We may also be fans of Saleka, his daughter who is a singer songwriter and wrote an original song for his recent release, Old, with a voice smooth as silk reminiscent of old school R&B.

But today, I’m honored to interview M. Night’s wife, Bhavna Vaswani Shyamalan, who is the silent strength of the family and is the glue who is keeping it all together.

For more than 15 years, Bhavna Shyamalan, PhD, has served in her role as co-founder and vice-president of the M. Night Shyamalan Foundation. The foundation focuses on discovering and supporting grassroots leaders around the world who are moving depressed communities out of poverty and oppression. These global leaders are empowering their communities by supporting social justice, equality, and access to basic needs such as food, water, and education.

A deep belief in human-dignity and freedom as a birthright, as well as in our joint responsibility to become participants in the fight for social equity and justice, have been Dr. Shyamalan’s driving force in creating and steering the efforts of the foundation. With an international upbringing and global perspective, Dr. Shyamalan has developed a keen awareness of the power of poverty to determine the life course of individuals, families, and communities by severely limiting opportunity and choice. The foundation leaders work to eliminate those barriers. More recently, Dr. Shyamalan has focused her foundation on helping the most disenfranchised communities; the forgotten and “disposable’ people entrapped and exploited by modern day slavery and human trafficking.

Although born in India, Bhavna was raised in Hong Kong before her family moved to the U.S. An immigrant herself, Dr. Shyamalan is keenly aware of the challenges posed to immigrants in any new country. Having travelled widely, however, her exposure to different people and cultures has not only reinforced her belief in the gift diversity brings, but also deepened her commitment to valuing each individual life.

Dr. Shyamalan oversees the foundation’s international grants, the implementation of its vision and mission, strategic growth, fundraising, and overall operations.
Additionally, DR. B (as she is known in the fitness world) is co-owner at Vibe Vault Fit, a boutique fitness & wellness studio in PA, and has been teaching Dance Fitness classes since 2011.

Dr.B’s believes working out can be inspired, and should address health and fitness in all aspects, including body, mind, spirit. In addition to teaching dance fitness classes, Dr. B also manages the “mind” and “spirit” side of Vibe Vault Fit, running workshops, and talking about how to uplift our lives through the Vibe Vault Fit podcasts and blogs. Her vision for Vibe Vault Fit is to promote a warm community, that will walk together toward a healthier, more fulfilling, and extraordinary life. Dr. B sees wellness, like happiness, as a mindset. Her goal is to help you make your own wellness a priority and claim the life that is waiting for you.

Earlier in her career, Dr. Shyamalan worked as a therapist in the counseling centers of Swarthmore College and St. Joseph’s University. She earned her doctorate in Clinical Developmental Psychology from Bryn Mawr College and her B.A. in psychology from New York University.

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Nandana Dev Sen on Thats Total Mom Sense with Kanika Chadda-Gupta

NANDANA DEV SEN: Poetry, Power, and Parenting

NANDANA DEV SEN: Poetry, Power, and Parenting 1920 1080 Chase Jennings

Today’s show delves deep into motherhood, how it’s intergenerational and we are birthed from the mothers before us. Their love, their thoughts, their dreams live on in us. I am thrilled to have Nandana Dev Sen on my show.

Nandana Dev Sen is an award-winning actor, writer, and child-rights activist. Daughter of the world renowned economist and philosopher Amartya Sen and the famous Indian poet, author, and academic Nabaneeta Dev Sen, Nandana was destined to pursue a career in the arts. After graduating Phi Beta Kappa from Harvard University (where she won the John Harvard Scholarship and Elizabeth Agassiz Prize each year) and studying filmmaking at the USC School of Cinema-Television, she worked as a book editor, a screenwriter, a script doctor, a poetry translator, a short film maker, and just for fun, as Princess Jasmine in Disneyland.

Nandana grew up in India, England, and America, and has acted in over 20 feature films from all three continents (and in multiple languages). She is the Ambassador for Child Protection for Save the Children India. Nandana has worked closely with children and grown-ups at UNICEF, RAHI (India’s first organization for survivors of child sexual abuse), Apne Aap (ends sex-trafficking by providing education and preventing intergenerational prostitution), and Operation Smile (transforms lives of children with cranio-facial deformities), as an Ambassador and advocate for child protection. In 2019, Nandana was awarded the Last Girl Champion Award for her campaign against human trafficking and child abuse, and her tireless fight to empower marginalized girl children.

Nandana is the author of six children’s books, In My Heart (Penguin Random House, 2019), The Monkey Who Wanted to Fly (Italian: La scimmietta che voleva volare, Fetrinelli Kids, 2018), Talky Tumble of Jumble Farm (Penguin Random House, 2017), Not Yet! (Tulika Books, 2017), Kangaroo Kisses (Otter-Barry Books, 2016), and Mambi and the Forest Fire (Puffin, 2016), as well as Youthquake, a fiction series for young adults (published in The Wire, The Telegraph, and Youth Ki Awaaz). Nandana‘s first book Kangaroo Kisses was selected by 320+ UK nurseries as a “Book of Excellence”, and her interactive workshops have been loved by more than 30,000 young people, in person, across the world. She frequently writes for newspapers and journals, and has edited and co-authored a bilingual book of her translations of her mother Nabaneeta Dev Sen’s Bengali poetry, Make Up Your Mind. Her latest book, Acrobat, is a collection of her mother’s poems translated from Bengali by Nandana and is published by Archipelago Books.

Nandana lives with her husband John Makinson and daughter Meghla with homes in New York, London, and Kolkata. She loves to eat, bike, rhyme, dance, and argue.

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Brooklyn Book Festival
DATE: September 27, 2021
TIME: 7 pm
VENUE: South Street Seaport, 4 Fulton Street, NY 10038
DETAILS: Come hear Nandana speak and read her poetry at the Brooklyn Book Festival, which is New York City’s largest free literary festival, happens over 8 days, and has the credo “hip, smart and diverse.”

Nandana’s event, called “Private and Public Lives in Poetry,” is planned in-person as of now, and will be hosted by Mcnally Jackson Books. For updates, please visit and

Acrobat Book Launch in London, UK
DATE: September 30, 2021
TIME: 5 pm GMT (1 pm EST, 9:30 pm IST; virtual event).
VENUE: Virtual. You can watch it live on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the YouTube Channel for the Nehru Centre London.
DETAILS: Nandana will be in conversation with the celebrated poet Bhanu Kapil, who in 2021 was awarded the prestigious T.S Eliot Poetry Prize for her book, How to Wash a Heart. For updates, please visit

Meet & Greet in NYC
DATE: October 9, 2021
TIME: 4 – 5 pm
VENUE: WordUp Bookstore, 2113 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10032
DETAILS: Come see Nandana in person at the legendary Word Up bookstore in New York City, for an interactive reading and book signing of AcrobatYou can learn more at:

108 Julie Cole on Thats Total Mom Sense with Kanika Chadda-Gupta

JULIE COLE: The Best Back to School Labels for Kids

JULIE COLE: The Best Back to School Labels for Kids 1920 1080 Chase Jennings

Back to School season is upon us and whether you’re hybrid or in person, the best part about it in my opinion is the shopping and getting organized.

Today, I have the founder of Mabel’s Labels Julie Cole on the show!

Julie Cole is a recovered lawyer, mom of six and co-founder of Mabel’s Labels. She has helped her company bring their product to a worldwide market, gain media recognition and win countless awards. Cole is a passionate entrepreneur, published author, and sought after speaker. Julie is no stranger to the media, having appeared on NBC’s The Today Show, HLN’s Raising America, Breakfast Television, The Marilyn Denis Show, CP24, among many others. As a blogger and writer, her articles have appeared in The Huffington Post, Today’s Parent, The Globe and Mail, Profit Magazine, Working Mother Magazine, Chicken Soup For the Soul – Power Moms and numerous websites.

When she’s not juggling her busy family and professional life, Julie is an engaged community member serving on boards and volunteering. She is passionate about women’s issues, mentoring young entrepreneurs, and social justice.

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107 Debi Yadegari on Thats Total Mom Sense with Kanika Chadda-Gupta.psd

DEBI YADEGARI: Breastfeeding in the Workplace — Your Rights

DEBI YADEGARI: Breastfeeding in the Workplace — Your Rights 1920 1080 Chase Jennings

The Breastfeeding Series on That’s Total Mom Sense

August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month so I am bringing you The Breastfeeding Series on That’s Total Mom Sense. A 3-part series with leaders in the industry.

Some people feel breast is best and others think fed is best and I’m here to be an objective insight and provide perspective for you because in the end, you have to trust your mom sense.

So whether you breastfeed, formula feed, pump, or use donor milk, it’s entirely up to you.

However, it is important to destigmatize breastfeeding in modern day society. I want you to know your options, the benefits, hear from medical professionals, public figures, and legal experts on lactation regulations in the workplace which you can use to your advantage.

I hope you feel empowered by the Breastfeeding Series on “That’s Total Mom Sense.”


Debi Yadegari is the Founder and CEO of Villyge. Her experience juggling a challenging legal career and breastfeeding as a new mom was the muse for Villyge, and why Debi is so dedicated to providing parents with the workplace support they need to pursue their professional goals while also balancing the responsibilities of new parenthood.

Debi traded her brief case for a diaper bag in 2005 and has been supporting working parents ever since. Today, she is the leading authority on lactation accommodation law and a trusted expert on all matters working parenthood. She is a sought-after speaker and frequent contributor to Fox Networks, Working Mother Media, and various HR syndicates. Most importantly, she is a working mother of five (ages 3, 9, 12, 13 and 15).

Prior to joining the esteemed ranks of motherhood, Debi developed a distinguished legal career. She began her career as a Corporate Associate in Big Law, where she specialized in security offerings within the capital markets. Subsequently, she served as Counsel to the Investment Banking Division of a leading international investment bank. While practicing law, Debi also offered pro bono legal assistance to the New York Legal Assistance Group.

Debi received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Barnard College of Columbia University, where she double majored in economics and political science, and her Juris Doctor from George Washington University. Debi is a Certified Lactation Counselor with the Academy of Lactation Policy and Practice and lives on Long Island, with her supportive husband and five children.

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  • INSTACART: “Instacart for door-to-door Costco essentials, because I have zero time!”