CANDACE NELSON: Turning Your Passion into Profit

CANDACE NELSON: Turning Your Passion into Profit

CANDACE NELSON: Turning Your Passion into Profit 1920 1080 Kanika

All play is associated with intense thought activity and rapid intellectual growth.

The highest form of research is essentially play. Einstein is quoted as saying, “The desire to arrive finally at logically connected concepts is the emotional basis of a vague play with basic ideas. This combinatory or associative play seems to be the essential feature in productive thought.”

My guest today can vouch for that as she took play, what piqued insatiable curiosity in her and brought her joy, to become her passion and profit.

Today’s guest is someone who’s been in my network and I am excited to connect with 1:1 as a powerhouse female founder and parent who pivoted her career from finance to food & beverage all because she trusted her intuition. We all know how important that is since we trust our mom sense, dad sense, our sixth sense that helps chart the right path.

Candace Nelson is a serial entrepreneur, a New York Times bestselling author, Wall Street Journal contributor and an expert in turning one’s passion into a profitable business. In 2005 Candace revolutionized the baking industry when she left her career in finance to start Sprinkles, the world’s first cupcake bakery and Cupcake ATM.

In 2017 she launched Pizzana—a growing chain of pizzeria acclaimed by Michelin Bib Gourmand. Expanding her portfolio of investments she founded CN2 Ventures, which focuses on female and diverse-founded businesses.

Her books include The Sprinkles Baking Book where she shares 100 recipes from her kitchen and the HarperCollins Leadership published Sweet Success: A Simple Recipe for Turning Your the Passion Into Profit.

Candace lives in Los Angeles with her husband, sons Charlie and Harry, and dog, Willy.

We’re going to dive into Candace’s life story, her proven recipe for finding your calling and making it successful and the ingredients you need to sustain your business, and how parenthood has been a catalyst for her to get intentional about what’s next on the menu. Listen in.

Meet My Guest: