Backyard Activities That Are Fun for the Whole Family

Backyard Activities That Are Fun for the Whole Family

Backyard Activities That Are Fun for the Whole Family 1920 1080 Kanika

Backyard activities are a great way for parents and their children to spend quality time outdoors. These activities help foster relationships and provide physical exercise, promote healthy competition, and allow families to learn new skills while having fun. Playing outdoor games can be an enjoyable experience that brings everyone closer together as they spend time in the sunshine and fresh air. Here are some backyard activities that are fun for the whole family.


Cornhole is a fun and easy game that the whole family can enjoy. It’s an outdoor sport that involves throwing small bean bags into a raised platform with a hole in the center. The game’s objective is to score points by getting as many bean bags into the hole as possible. Setting up a Cornhole set can be quite simple. All you need are two wooden platforms, each with one six-inch hole cut out of them, and a flat surface. Place the platforms four feet apart from each other. Additionally, you will need eight beanbags—four for each team. You can also make your stylish deck kid-friendly by setting up a cornhole game.


Horseshoes is a timeless backyard game that all ages and skill levels can enjoy. The rules are simple, the equipment is affordable, and it’s a great way to get everyone together outdoors for some friendly competition. This classic game requires two players, or teams of two, who take turns throwing horseshoes at an upright stake in the ground with the goal of getting the shoes as close to it as possible. Horseshoes also has an element of luck involved. If your shoe lands just right, you could be receive points.


Badminton is an exciting and social game that the whole family can enjoy. It provides a great way for parents and their children to bond outdoors, promotes physical activity, encourages healthy competition, and develops motor and coordination skills. The equipment needed for Badminton is relatively affordable—all you need are two Badminton rackets (one per team), some plastic shuttlecocks (“birdies”), and a net stretched across the court. It’s important to ensure that all players know how to properly hold and swing their racket before starting any games.


Croquet is a timeless game that’s perfect for the whole family. It offers hours of entertainment, develops hand-eye coordination skills, and encourages players to get outside and enjoy friendly competition in the sunshine. Setting up a Croquet set doesn’t have to be complicated either; all you need are six wickets (two sets of three hoops each), two mallets, four balls (one for each player), and a peg placed at the center. You can also modify croquet so that everyone, from beginners to advanced players, can enjoy themselves equally. For example, younger children may want shorter rounds with only one hoop rather than all six.

Now that you know four backyard games the whole family can play, you can start enjoying some backyard fun together. What backyard games do you and your family like to play? Were any of them on our list? Join the conversation at That’s Total Mom Sense!