When you think “mom fashion,” it may sound like an oxymoron because moms are stereotypically viewed as frumpy and disheveled because we are too busy sacrificing for our kids. Hello! But it doesn’t have to be this way. We CAN look like a million bucks and we SHOULD spend time and energy to do so because it does wonders for our confidence and self-esteem, which makes us better as moms, at our jobs, and positively impacts every facet of our life.

Katie Kabel is the founder of Kabel Styles and is my personal stylist. After spending over 20 years working in retail, Katie left work to start a family. She always enjoyed working, and knew she wanted to return to work when the time was right. She was eager to get back to doing what she loves; cultivating meaningful relationships, making women and men feel confident and empowered. Working as a personal stylist allows her to fulfill her desire to be productive and creative while still attending to the needs of her young family.

Being a personal stylist is so much more than dressing an individual, it’s about a relationship of trust, gratitude, and commitment. Giving someone the confidence to walk into an interview, go on a first date, tackle a new life adventure, or simply putting a smile on their face. That’s why she doesn’t just label herself as a personal shopper/stylist but also as an image consultant. Listen in to Katie’s top tips for moms on the staples they should have in their closet and what pieces they should consider that are flattering, functional, fashionable, and fun!

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Show Notes:

  • 04:10 – First job / background
  • 06:15 – Process of becoming an image consultant
  • 12:40 – The way personal styling works
  • 22:45 – Personal ‘Mom Sense moment’
  • 25:40 – Mom Haul

Mom Haul:

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