Why is Crypto so Cryptic?

with Jordan Wexler & Will Steiner

Why is Crypto so Cryptic?

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Episode 5: Why Is Crypto So Cryptic?

Why is crypto so cryptic? Today we’re joined by the founders of Earlybird who are going to help Michael and I navigate our new world of NFTs and invest in our future – literally. A new wave of finance and providing a safety net for our children.

Serial entrepreneur Jordan Wexler is the Co-Founder and CEO of fintech startup, EarlyBird. EarlyBird is the easiest way to invest in your child’s future. In minutes, parents can set up a modern portfolio, schedule recurring contributions, and invite friends and family on the journey. The platform is transforming financial gifting by making it personal, purposeful, and timeless while also enriching future generations with financial knowledge and freedom.

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