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A Dad’s Take on Infertility

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Episode 1: Unpacking Infertility

Many people still feel the stigma around having babies the unconventional way be it IVF, surrogacy, or adoption. Today, my co-host Michael Perry and I are going to create a safe space to discuss how couples who are family planning have many options. Michael also shares his own personal story of how he and his wife navigated IVF and are now cherishing their two beautiful sons.

Michael Perry is the Founder and CEO of Maple, a company focused on building a better world for all parents. Prior to founding Maple, Michael founded Kit, which he sold to Shopify in 2016 and where worked for over four years as an executive overseeing Marketing Technology. He has been included on Forbes’ 30 under 30 list, recognized by Inc. Magazine for his contributions in the messaging space, and named one of the top marketing executives in the world by Business Insider. Michael Currently lives in California with his wife, son, and two bulldogs.

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129 Tony LeRoy on Thats Total Mom Sense with Kanika Chadda-Gupta

TONY LEROY: Embracing the Future You

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In just the past few years, our world has been turned upside down and we, as human beings, have relied on our inner strength, resilience, and faith to face an ongoing global health, economic, political and social crisis with no end in sight. There have been over 266 million coronavirus cases worldwide and 5.26 million deaths to date.

Sometimes I feel like all this is a bad dream. Other times, I’m existentialist questioning what even matters anymore, and others, I find a spark to keep going and creating a better life for our future children.

I was lucky enough to be connected to my very own soothsayer through dear family members who has helped me tremendously in discovering my true self and calling. His name is Tony LeRoy.

Today we’re going to talk about our world, the fate that lies ahead in this new year, and how we can tap into our soul to guide us through life.

Tony LeRoy has been giving intuitive/psychic counseling sessions for over seventeen years. He was drawn at an early age to the life and legacy of Edgar Cayce and first became aware of his own psychic abilities in adolescence.

Tony is a psychic whose gifts have found their most resonant expression in what he calls “intuitive counseling,” meaning: Tony is a healer and a guide, and the “miracles” he works are all about helping you discover your own power to create your own life. Tony understands there are many answers to the many questions of this life. Always seeking new paths, he is a certified Life Coach who has created the Life Manifestation sessions. He is also trained in Reiki and Hypnotherapy. He recently became certified in BWRT, Brain Working Recursive Therapy which was created in 2011 by therapist and author Terrence Watts, and it can create permanent change in a very short period of time. Simply put, it helps the client find personal freedom and profound change.

Tony tunes into you – yesterday, today and tomorrow. He’s also probably the most amusing man you’ll ever meet behind a deck of Tarot cards. He deals them up with a bit of sass and a dash of tough love. He doesn’t give you easy answers. He gives you clarity. You’ll have a stronger sense of who you are and where you’re going. Because the question is not, “Who is Tony LeRoy?” but “Who are you?”

He continues to add workshops in team building, for business (workplace) motivational coaching, group circles, monthly groups, meditations, and more.

Tony has been prominently featured by Marie Claire, Elle Magazine, The New York Times, WABC Radio, The Dr. Oz Show, and by a variety of other radio, web, and television shows.

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Enspire Magazine

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( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Mompreneur Kanika Helps Other Parents Face The Uncertainties Of Parenthood And Teaches Them How To Manage The Challenges ENSPIRE Contributor: Devyn Petraglia Kanika Chadda Gupta is a mompreneur, journalist, wife, and mother of three (twins +1). She’s the founder and CEO of Kronologie Agency, a full-service digital marketing firm…
128 Sarah Kathleen Peck on Thats Total Mom Sense with Kanika Chadda-Gupta

SARAH KATHLEEN PECK: Parental Leave + Advocating for Working Moms

SARAH KATHLEEN PECK: Parental Leave + Advocating for Working Moms 1920 1080 Kanika

Sarah K Peck is the founder and CEO of Startup Parent and the host of The Startup Parent Podcast, an award-winning podcast featuring women in entrepreneurship, business, and parenting. She runs The Wise Women’s Council, an annual leadership program for women to come together honestly while navigating the challenges of working and parenting.

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127 Sonni Abatta on Thats Total Mom Sense with Kanika Chadda-Gupta

SONNI ABATTA: Pivoting from TV to Podcasts

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You know what’s been a saving grace for me? Making friends while in isolation due to the pandemic. It’s safe to say I have 10x more friends and connections in my network that I haven’t met in person, but have established meaningful relationships with. People I can Zoom with or text and are ever ready to be there, and I am for them too.

One such friend is living a parallel life which makes our connection and understanding of one another that much stronger. We’re both television personalities and now podcasters, moms of 3, community leaders, and interviewing and storytelling about it all is our jam.

Sonni is the host of the live digital talk show and podcast, We Gotta Talk. An award-winning TV journalist who spent 15 years in television news, she’s covered some of the biggest news stories in depth, including the Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman trials. A mom of three, her work is dedicated to informing and inspiring people through asking the big questions.

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How to Follow Subscribe and Leave a Review on Apple Podcasts (2021)

How to Subscribe and Leave a Review on Apple Podcasts (UPDATED 2022)

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Are you loving the weekly content on That’s Total Mom Sense? One of the best ways to show support is to rate our show 5 stars and leave a review on Apple Podcasts.

As a bonus, I’ll also be reading my favorite reviews each week and if you hear your name, I’ll send you some fun merch! Just send me an email with your address to

At the time of writing these directions, it appears that you can no longer leave a review from your computer — you’ll have to do that from your phone. Here’s how (it’s super easy).

How to Follow (Subscribe) and Leave a Review on Apple Podcasts/iTunes from your iPhone or iPad Device

How to Follow (Subscribe) and Leave a Review on Apple Podcasts/iTunes from your iPhone or iPad Device:

1. Make sure you’ve downloaded the Apple Podcast App (this is usually pre-installed though).

2. Launch the Podcasts app

3. Click on the Search icon on the bottom right of the screen (even if That’s Total Mom Sense is already listed in your app) and enter “That’s Total Mom Sense”

4. Then click on the logo/cover image for That’s Total Mom Sense

5. You can subscribe by clicking the Plus (+) symbol on the top right of the page next to the ellipses.

How to Follow a Show on Apple Podcasts

6. Once you click that, it should turn into a checkmark and notify you that you are now following my show:

How to Follow a Show on Apple Podcasts

7. To leave a review, scroll down below all of the episodes to the Ratings & Reviews section:

How to Leave a Review on Apple Podcasts

8. Click on the 5th star to rate my show 5 stars

9. Next, click on “Write a Review” below, then write your review, make sure the 5 stars are checked (please!), and tap on Submit.

How to Follow (Subscribe) to a Podcast on iTunes/Apple Podcasts from Your Computer:

How to Follow (Subscribe) to a Podcast on iTunes/Apple Podcasts from Your Computer:

As I mentioned, it doesn’t seem you’re able to leave a review from your computer anymore (at least not on my iMac or MacBook Pro), but you can still follow my show if you’d prefer to do that instead. Here’s how:

1. Visit the That’s Total Mom Sense Apple Podcast page here:

2. Click on the button that reads, Listen on Apple Podcasts.

3. You will then get a popup asking you to “Open Podcasts?” The checkbox where it says “Always allow to open links of this type in the associated app” is optional, but click on Open Podcasts to continue.

4. To subscribe/follow, click the +Follow button on the right side of the show header.

If that doesn’t work, try the following:

1. Open up the Apple Podcast page using the directions above from steps 1 & 2

2. Now, click within the Search bar on the top left of the screen (above “Listen Now” and “Browse”). Search for “That’s Total Mom Sense” and you should see this come up:

3. Hover over the show logo and click on the ellipses at the bottom right corner, then click on Follow.

How to Follow a Podcast on Apple Podcasts (Follow button)

I can’t thank you enough for your feedback. I have so many incredible guests who have taken time out of their days to share insights and inspiration, so your help in spreading the word means more than you know.

Keep listening and learning!

126 Suzanne Tucker on Thats Total Mom Sense with Kanika Chadda-Gupta

SUZANNE TUCKER: Regulating Big Emotions

SUZANNE TUCKER: Regulating Big Emotions 1920 1080 Kanika

What if you were able to connect with your kids in a deep, meaningful way? When you asked them to do something, they instantly got it and didn’t want to test you or defy you. And when they asked you to play or teach them in a fun way, you put them first and knew exactly what to do.

Today’s expert is going to show us how. She’s Suzanne Tucker and is the Founder of Generation Mindful.

Suzanne Tucker is a mom of four who has been a physical therapist and parent educator for over 27 years. While teaching positive discipline classes, Suzanne saw a need for tangible, evidence-based tools and toys to help parents and educators apply the science of positive discipline into their everyday lives, particularly when they were feeling stressed or their children were acting out.

“When I got my strong-willed child, time-outs were ineffective. I needed a different method. I needed something in a box, with instructions, a video, and a community to hold my hand.”

That’s exactly what Generation Mindful is.

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  • GENERATION MINDFUL: Enter my promo code MOMSENSE at checkout here on to receive a free set of all 7 PeaceMakers Path Meditations for kids. ($26 value)

Humble Beginning

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Look Within Magazine

Look Within Magazine 1248 795 Kanika

I Am Becoming: Kanika Chadda-Gupta: That’s Total Mom Sense Most of our identities are based on what we have observed and internalized throughout our upbringing, culture, and life experience at large. Oftentimes, we assume that the construct of what we have experienced is who we are, and although that’s definitely a part of us, we…
125 Efstathia Tanji on Thats Total Mom Sense with Kanika Chadda-Gupta (2)

EFSTATHIA TANJI: Shine Your Light!

EFSTATHIA TANJI: Shine Your Light! 1920 1080 Kanika

What’s one non-tech item in your home that instantly calms you down and has the power to transport you to another place? For me, it’s my Bodewell Living candle. The scents are an experience all their own, and lighting the candle and watching the wax melt into a pool is a meditative exercise in itself.

Bodewell Living came from humble beginnings and has grown over 250 doors across the US and Canada including Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, HeyMama-owned Paynes Grey (an interior design site), Ojai Valley Inn and more. It was a fast and furious trajectory from zero to explosive. Founder Efstathia Tanji, lovingly known as Effie, started this tiny business in 2018. She sold candles out of the back of her SUV at her daughter’s soccer practices. Friends told friends who told their friends and BAM! bodewell was born. But it wasn’t easy. Retail giants took notice and Effie found herself drowning under the demands of packing and shipping out of her kitchen day and night. While her dreams materialized before her eyes, she lost sight of what was truly important. Her family. Her community. Her own self.

Over time, she has found her place in this world. Effie says, “The world is full of wonder, magic, and endless possibilities. There is space for each and every dreamer, maker, poet, designer, doctor, mother, fighter, believer. This is a time for collaboration over competition. It is a time for transparency and kindness. It is a time for personal as well as global awareness and growth. It is a time to give what you can and ask for what you need.”

Effie is the Founder, Designer, Storyteller, and Dreamer of bodewell living. She created it because she wanted to show her children that one could build something from nothing. That you could nurture what seems impossible. That you could scream out in failure and giggle in surprise. That you could build day and night. You could water and wait. You could hold your breath in anticipation. You could watch that something grow.

Effie resides in Playa Vista California with her husband Shawn, a firefighter captain and business partner (firefighter and candle maker) Ella, Nico, and Lexei.

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AMAZON: Magnetiles