5 Ways To Get Kids Excited About Caring for the Environment

5 Ways To Get Kids Excited About Caring for the Environment

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While they’re running carefree, getting into mischief, and exploring the outdoors, kids don’t know much about the world yet. It’s up to parents to give their children the skills and knowledge they need to grow.

A fundamental subject you can start teaching your children about from a young age is the importance of the environment. The earth provides numerous resources that allow people to live each day. But how can you teach your kids this information at a young age?

Continue reading to learn about five ways to get kids excited about caring for the environment!

Grow Fruits and Vegetables at Home

You can easily grow fruits and vegetables from the comfort of your backyard. As you encourage your children to eat healthy foods, starting a garden may help you with this process!

Kids can work alongside their parents and grow foods themselves. The magic of growing healthy foods will teach them the power of nature and that it’s incredibly important to take care of it.

Get Outside!

There’s no better way to get your kids excited about caring for the environment than going outside! No matter the season, encourage your children to play sports and games outdoors.

You can arrange picnics in the backyard or play outside at a local park. Encourage your kids to jump in puddles while it rains. Go for a hike or a fun adventure outdoors.

The weather doesn’t have to be perfect for your kids to have fun outside. During the colder months, play out one of these 10 winter sports to try with your kids. Expand their knowledge of how to have fun in the outdoors. They’ll quickly grow an appreciation for nature and develop an understanding of the world around them.

Take Pictures of Wildlife

Give your child a small, child-friendly camera to help them explore wildlife. Go on a scavenger hunt to take pictures of different insects and animals they spot. After the adventure, look at the photos and discuss each of the animals. It becomes a teaching moment for kids to learn about wildlife and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Watch Kid-Friendly Videos About the Environment

Kids are very responsive to the things they see on a screen. While they adore their favorite cartoon, occasionally switch it out for a fun, kid-friendly video that teaches the importance of caring for the environment. It’s a quick way to inform kids about nature through a familiar medium.

Practice Living Sustainably

Children mirror the actions of their parents. When you recycle, turn off the lights after exiting a room, and limit your waste production, your children will grow up understanding these as natural habits.

Talk to your children about why you practice those habits as well. They will learn how to help the environment from a young age. When they become adults, they can continue to help the earth thrive by living sustainably.

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