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Month: May 2018

Organizing Your Kids’ Nursery Closet


Can you believe how fast kids grow out of their clothes? I feel like I am constantly ordering things online, or making a run to the mall to pick up outfits for my twins (and even when I size up, they are done with them in 3 months or less). I have been mindful of what I’m keeping because we’re expecting baby #3 (hello hand-me-downs!)

  1. Door
    1. I use an over-the-door hanging rack for the kids towels and sleep sacks.
  2. Hanging Space
    1. Opt for kids skinny velvet hangers to optimize space.
    2. Use dividers to separate clothes into sections (e.g. pajamas, dresses, ethnic wear)
    3. I have a hanging shoe rack for their cute little shoes. I keep switching out their shoes as they go up a size. 
  3. Portable Drawers
    1. I store their onesies and outfits in portable 3-tier drawers that way I don’t have to hang everything.
  4. Storage
    1. I love this grey lattice print bins for their swaddles, socks, and accessories.
    2. I use under the bed storage bins for long term storage and label them (e.g. 0-3 months, 3-6 months, and so on). 
  5. Hampers
    1. Fabric hampers are a lovely touch to store toys and are portable!
  6. Drawers
    1. Drawer organizers make it easy to create compartments for baby burp cloths, shoulder cloths, wash cloths, etc. 

My babies are still young, but once they’re older, I’ll be teaching them how to keep their room and closet organized so they can easily find things and Mama doesn’t go nuts! :)

Decluttering & Designing Your Bedroom Closet


Reminiscent of the closet montage in Sex and The City (the movie), organizing can be fun when you decide what want to ‘take’ or ‘toss,’ especially if it involves 80s music and a fashion show with friends! I declutter my closet each season and recently decided to take it a step further by adding design elements that reflect my personal style. 

  1. Purge
    1. Rather than organizing your closet on a yearly basis, do an audit of your clothes and accessories each season. Better yet, when you buy a new outfit, donate one that has been sitting in your closet. Out with the old, and in with the new!
  2. Optimize Space
    1. Use skinny velvet hangers.
    2. Use a tiered shoe rack so vertical space from the ground up is being utilized.
    3. If you have two hanging racks, use them. Pants and belts on the bottom, tops and dresses on top.
  3. Design
    1. Inspired by a pearl and silver monogrammed jewelry box that my mom-in-law bought me, I went with a white and silver color scheme for my closet. My bins, curtains, and add ons match this theme.
    2. Use bins for other perishables, pastas, condiments, spices, etc.
  4. Store & Hide
    1. Keep items you access regularly out in plain sight (e.g. perfumes, vitamins)
    2. Hide your shelves with woven curtains. I am not one to sew, so I bought the curtains, had my tailor resize them as per the dimensions of the shelves, strung rope through the top, and hung them on adhesive command hooks. Since there’s no drilling required, this was a cinch!

Many ladies subscribe to the adage, “a girl can never have too many clothes.” But, believe me, purging and streamlining your closet is much more liberating, especially when you donate for a cause. Soon you’ll be swearing by the words of #viviennewestwood, “buy less, choose well, make it last.”

Music Video: Becoming a Mother of Twins


Before we became a family of four, it was just me and my husband, Sunil. We both were ecstatic when we got the news that we were having twins. We found out from our ultrasound technician during my 16-week check-up. She was looking for a steady heartbeat. “There it is. Loud and clear. [Long pause] Wait a minute. I hear something else.” She quickly swiped the probe to the other side of my stomach. “There are two heartbeats. You’re having twins!”

We couldn’t believe it. A few weeks later, we discovered the genders – a boy and a girl. Our faces lit up, “we EACH get a clone??!” It was at that moment we decided to keep the twins a surprise for our family and friends until D-day (my delivery, that is). It was hard to keep this huge secret, believe me, but it was the beginning of our special bond as a family. Sunil and I would wink at each other whenever anyone asked, “So what are you having??” Sometimes I’d send him Google Hangouts messages like, “Hey babe. How are you? The ‘three’ of us are just hangin’ around.” The anticipation was exhilarating.

The journalist in me wanted to document each moment, from pregnancy to motherhood, to show the arc of where are story began and how our lives have changed because of Krish and Suhana. I came across Coke Studio’s song “Laadki” on one of my emo Hindi song playlists and felt a soul-stirring connection to the lyrics, which led me to produce this music video. This one’s for Sunil, Krish, and Suhana. Love you, my dear family.

Copyright Music Credit: “Laadki” by Sachin-Jigar, Tanishka S, Kirtidan G, Rekha B (Coke Studio @ MTV Season 4)

Filmed/Edited by: Shravya Kag


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